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Ash Chic Knives Table Box Set

Ash Chic Knives Table Box Set
The ash wood's classic, modern aesthetic makes the knives look fantastic on the table.

The Chic Ash Wood Table Knife Set contains 4 elegant knives with unparalleled cutting quality. The original blue stiff cardboard case is ideal for storing and protecting the knives and makes this an unusual gift.


Blade length

10 cm

Sandvik stainless steel

We use Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel. It is anti-corrosive thanks to the addition of chrome and requires no special maintenance. Its carbon content of at least 0.40% gives excellent cutting edge.


Issued from the French forests, ash is a hard and white wood, with a slight blonde veining.


The stainless steel bolster has a flat back to keep steady the knife on the table.