The essential multipurpose knives.

Multipurpose knives are not only sharp objects, they are useful and versatile tools with specific uses. Offering extremely practical features, you'll find multiple uses for these knives every day.

Unique and versatile tools for all activities

The multipurpose pocketknives keep the legendary ergonomics of the traditional Opinel knife, but offer additional features dedicated to various activities: DIY, hunting, survival, sporting activities, foraging... The majority have a high-end polymer handle ensuring high resistance to extreme temperatures and humidity.

N°07 Outdoor Junior

4 items

The N°07 Outdoor Junior knife is the perfect knife for young adventurers. This small children's pocketknife is ideal for hikes and water sports. With its minimal size, it will easily fit into a pocket or rucksack.
N°08 Outdoor

4 items

The N°08 Outdoor pocketknife is a must-have in the great outdoors. This knife is dedicated to sporting activities such as trekking, mountaineering, canyoning, sailing, caving, paragliding, hiking... The N°08 Outdoor knife equips ENSA (National School of Skiing and Mountaineering at Chamonix) guides.
N°08 Champignon

2 items

Chanterelles, morels, porcini, parasol mushrooms, summer boletes... The Opinel N°08 mushroom knife is the ultimate tool for foraging. It will accompany you on all your outings in the forest, and will fulfil several purposes. For all nature and mushroom lovers, this is your new best friend!
N°09 Bricolage

2 items

The DIY knife is an essential in every toolbox. The N°09 DIY multipurpose pocketknife is just what you need for small jobs around the house. It is perfect for budding DIYers.
N°12 Explore

4 items

The pocketknife for adventurers and nature lovers. Made in France, sturdy and easy to handle: the N°12 Explore knife is the knife you need for all your activities in the wilderness (wild camping, survival experiences, hunting, fishing...). Ready for an adventure!
Cuisine nomade

11 items

Cook wherever you are, this is the promise made by Opinel with the nomad cooking collection. Tradition expresses itself in a love for food to tickle the taste buds of foodies. The knives in the nomad cooking collection are dedicated to foraging and outdoor cooking. Tools that will quickly prove indispensable for apéritifs, picnics, adventures in the forest...

Folding knives with unique features.

Are you passionate about outdoor activities and do you enjoy challenges? The N°08 Outdoor knife is just what you need with its serrated blade, its shackle spanner and whistle. If you prefer to hunt or really immerse yourself in the wilderness, the N°12 Explore knife will become your go-to tool with its short and sturdy blade, cutting hook and lighter or tick remover. For small DIY jobs, the N°09 DIY will best meet your expectations: two mini screwdrivers, a wire cutter and a wire stripper. Finally, for any outdoor activity dedicated to cooking or foraging, discover all our knives in the nomad cooking collection.

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