Lavaret from the Lac du Bourget by Alain Perrillat-Mercerot, "Atmosphères"

Lavaret from the Lac du Bourget by Alain Perrillat-Mercerot, "Atmosphères"

Lavaret from the Lac du Bourget, cooked at low temperature, with its millefeuille of chard leaves and stalks with pormonier

For 4 servings
Preparation time : One hour in total. Start the day before
Cooking time : 4 different cooking methods (chard leaves and stalks, lavaret 5min), pormonier, poached for 20min.

Ingredients :

  • 1 piece of lavaret (800g to 1kg)
  • 1kg chard
  • 200g pormonier, poached the day before and cooled (traditional chard sausage from Savoie)
  • 1 tablespoon hazelnut oil
  • 2 roasted hazelnuts for decoration
  • Pinch of salt, freshly ground pepper

Chard millefeuille
Separate the chard leaves from the stalks.
Peel the stalks.
Blanch the leaves in salted boiling water.
Leave to cool.
Cook the stalks in salted boiling water.
Leave to cool.
After poaching the pormonier the day before for 20mn in salted water, slice this cooked sausage lengthwise into very thin slices.
Assemble successive layers of chard leaves, chard stalks and pormonier to fill the template.
Refrigerate and press for 12 hours.
Turn out the millefeuille, slice lengthwise into 5mm slices and place on a plate.

Lavaret from the Lac du Bourget
Lift the fillets and remove the bones from the Lavaret.
From the fillets, cut out the lower abdomen and remove the skin.
Cut this skin into thin slices and dry between two cooking sheets for 15 min at 200°C.
Cut the Lavaret fillets into 4 pieces, season with salt and pepper.
Place the fillet skin side up on a cooking sheet slightly oiled with hazelnut oil.
Cook for 5 min in an oven at 45°C: Its core temperature must reach 38 to 40°C.
Take out the Lavaret fillets from the oven and remove the skin.

While the Lavaret is cooking, steam the chard millefeuille for 5 min to reheat.
Arrange the millefeuille and the fillets on a hot plate.
Decorate with the roasted hazelnuts and the Lavaret skin strips.