T-Duo Peeler - Made in France

The T-Duo peeler is a must-have kitchen tool!

This peeler is an essential item for every kitchen.  It's used to prepare vegetable or fruit dishes that require gentle peeling. The more efficient the peeler, the more time you'll save when preparing your favorite recipes.

T-duo Peeler OPINEL Polymère kitchen recipes


The T-Duo peeler has a T-shape, like a razor, for the perfect grip.

The space between the handle and the blade lets you position your fingers securely to avoid injury.

The razor shape of the peeler also makes it easy to peel long vegetables like carrots by pulling the peeler towards you, and to use more force on harder vegetables (pumpkin, butternut squash, etc.).

The T-Duo peeler is designed for either right- or left-handed use.

Dual Purpose

The T-Duo peeler features two double-sided, movable, stainless steel blades.

T-duo Peeler OPINEL Polymère kitchen recipes

Peeling Blade

The peeling blade is micro-serrated for fruits and vegetables that have smooth or thin peels (tomatoes, kiwis, etc.). It will also stay sharp for longer. The blade is made of stainless steel to resist corrosion.

T-duo Peeler OPINEL Polymère kitchen recipes

Julienne Blade

The unique characteristics of the julienne blade let you make vegetable or fruit noodles easily.

Move the device in the same way you would for peeling, and thin strips of vegetable will appear.

There's an eyer on the side of the peeler to easily remove the eyes from potatoes.

Two versions

T-duo wooden Peeler

The wooden version features a beechwood handle that calls to mind the classic Opinel design. Our beechwood is grown on French plantations. It is hard, durable and easy to work with. The handle is varnished to protect it from moisture and dirt.

T-duo polymer Peeler

Our all-polymer version features a textured handle for better grip. Polymer is water-, chemical- and heat-resistant. You can put our T-Duo polymer peeler in the dishwasher for cleaning.

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