The cook’s guide to the essentials

If you want to prepare good meals, it’s important to be well-equipped in the kitchen.

Recipes for preparing a delicious meal often require us to perform detailed steps such as cutting, peeling, slicing, pitting, mincing and chopping. Small kitchen knives allow us to successfully perform these steps.

Paring knives

The paring knife

The paring knife

A paring knife is a must-have in the kitchen.

This versatile knife has a smooth 10 cm blade that ensures a perfect and precise cut. The beech wood handle makes it a durable and long-lasting product. The handle is varnished to better protect it against moisture and dirt. The paring knife is one of the most-used knives in the kitchen. It is perfect for preparing fruits and vegetables, and for trimming meat.

Vegetables knives

vegetable knife Opinel curved blade

The vegetable knife

Also known as a bird’s beak, this knife is perfect for cutting vegetables into small oblong shapes, preparing mushrooms and other important kitchen tasks. The unique curved blade allows it to enter easily into the fleshy parts of foods. It also has a scraping back that allows it to gently remove blemishes from fruits and vegetables. This knife’s 7cm blade guarantees a perfect cut.

The peeler

peeler Opinel

The peeler

The ideal utensil for peeling all types of fruits and vegetables. It saves time during preparation and guarantees quality peeling. It is also very practical for peeling the skin of a lemon, for example, to use the zest in recipes. It is ideal for both right- and left-handed users. The pointed end of the 6 cm blade is used to remove eyes from potatoes

Serrated knives

Couteau cranté Opinel Les essentiels

The serrated knife

The evenly serrated edge is awesome! The serrated paring knife guarantees a high-quality cut with its 10 cm blade. For slicing, cutting and separating all fruits and vegetables with thick skins or hard crusts. The beech wood handle is varnished for stain and water resistance.

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