They are Opinel - Emeline Tournier

"I like the fact that I work with all the departments of the company and above all that I make sure that everyone is safe on the site".

Today, we'like to indroduce Emeline Tournier, Quality / Safety / Environment Technician.

They are Opinel - Emeline Tournier

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Emeline. I'm passionate about squash, triathlon and crossfit. I really like the mountains (especially the Chartreuse massif, for the landscape or for its help to get the elite of alcohol, it's none of our business).

I have been with Opinel since February 2017 in the quality, safety and environment department.

What is your background?           

I obtained my BTS in the ceramics industry in 2010, before going abroad for a little less than 2 years to perfect my English (Scotland two months and 15 months in the USA). In 2015 I obtained my Bachelor's degree in quality/safety/environment.

Can you tell us what your job consists of?

I have important missions:

To raise awareness of the company's people so that they work safely, regardless of their department. I make sure that the company respects the environmental rules and I check that we respect the directives of the labor code as well as the various regulations.

My department complements me on the quality side, we make sure that the quality is there. The control concerns the manufactured products, the components and the packaging...

What do you like best about your job ?

I like the fact that I work with all the departments of the company and above all that I make sure that everyone is safe on the site.

If you had to describe your job in 3 words?             

Continuous improvement, prevention and social.

What values do you find in the company?

I find a lot of sympathy between colleagues and the passionate side of the Opinel collector.

What is the reaction of your family and friends when you say that you work for Opinel ?

Although they are not Savoyards, they all said to me "at last someone who is succeeding in this family". Great pride in the Dauphinois.

What is your favorite Opinel ?

Without hesitation: the Forgés 1890 paring for the practical side and for the collector's side: the n°08 Atelier.

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