Ideas for decorating a festive table

The festive season is fast approaching, an opportunity to spend time with your nearest and dearest, and make unforgettable memories. If you're going to be having family or friends over this year, there's one thing you mustn't overlook—your table. Wow your guests not just with your meal but also your table. Here are some ideas and tips to make your table extra festive!


Traditional table decoration

Even if you fancy being original and standing out from the crowd, you can't go wrong with a classic table. Red and fir green are synonymous with the Christmas season.

Idées décoration de table fêtes de fin d'année Noël Nouvel an tradition

To begin with, you could use a red tablecloth to form a bright base for your table. You could also pair it with a beige or ecru table runner, which will go perfectly with the rest of your decoration.

In terms of crockery, opt for white plates and traditional wine glasses. As far as cutlery goes, we recommend using Bon Appétit Charme table knives, which will stand out on the red tablecloth, or the Bon Appétit Loft set, which will give your table an original and modern feel.

You could also put a white napkin accompanied by a small fir branch and candy cane on each plate, with a red ribbon tied around them.

To decorate your table, a great idea is a fir and mistletoe wreath centrepiece with a candle in the middle. Place some pine cones and other small decorations on either side of the wreath.

Scandinavian table decoration

What could be prettier in winter than a white forest? Opt for wood, white and fir decorations to give your table a Scandinavian feel.

If you have a wood table, there's no need to use a tablecloth. However, if you want to, use a white tablecloth to bring an image of snow to mind. To create a cosy atmosphere, use round place mats made from tree trunk. They'll add an original touch to your table. You can then use white plates and napkins accompanied by small fir branches, tied together with some twine.

For the cutlery, we recommend the stylish Table Chic Frêne set. If you fancy adding a modern touch to your table, use the Bon Appétit + Nuage set.

For the centrepiece, a fantastic idea is a long fir branch accompanied by pine cones, fairy lights and two candlesticks on either side of the table.

Glitzy table decoration

The Christmas season is also a time to pull out all the stops. For a stylish and festive table, we suggest you opt for black and gold, a sumptuous combination.

Idées décoration de table fêtes de fin d'année Noël Nouvel an festif



In order to make your table decorations stand out, you could use a black tablecloth. You could then put a gold table runner on top of it.

In terms of the crockery, a great idea is to use large black plate and a smaller gold plate on top of it for each guest. This will give your table volume and allow you to combine colours. You could also have fun folding black napkins in original ways and putting them on each gold plate. For your cutlery, we recommend you opt for the Table Chic Ebony set, which will go perfectly with your table decoration, making it all the more stylish.

Lastly, to brighten up your table, you could sprinkle gold glitter and place some gold baubles along it. For the finishing touch, place a candelabrum in the centre of the table to make the colours on your festive table sparkle.

Country table decoration

The Christmas season also means simplicity and warmth. It's the perfect time to share a meal around a rustic table.

Idées décoration de table fêtes de fin d'année Noël Nouvel an champêtre

To begin with, put a grey tablecloth and white plates on your table. In terms of the cutlery, we suggest you alternate Bon Appétit White and Bon Appétit South table knives. You can tie the knives and forks together using a red ribbon and add a small flower.

To decorate the centre of the table, you could use some artificial food items such as corncobs or apples. You could also make a bouquet with wild flowers and use it as your centrepiece.

Lastly, add some candle sticks to make the atmosphere extra cosy.

So, there are our ideas and tips for decorating your Christmas or New Year's Eve table. A traditional, winter wonderland, glitzy or country atmosphere – you choose! Now, all you have to do is decide on what you're going to serve on your stunning table. For dessert, why not opt for this Christmas cake?

Photo credits: Christophe Roué, Fotomelia, Lauren McBride and Pinterest

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