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Slim knives

Sharpness and modernity

The Opinel Effilé range of folding knives is a resolutely modern design using fine materials (beech, bubinga, olive, luxury woods, etc.) which will dazzle enthusiasts of elegance and refinement.

Beech wood

The Slim knife is available in a beech version.


Opinel trims its Effilé knives with bubinga wood. Enjoy this collection with its delicate design and classically elegant appearance. Its ultrathin, pointed blade is ideal for fishing and preparing fish.

Olive wood

The range of Opinel folding knives is embellished with the warm veining of olive wood. Its classically elegant silhouette will grace any table with refinement.


Opinel offers Effilé folding knives in precious wood. Consult the acclaimed versions of this fine-bladed knife immaculately finished in ebony and golden horn.