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Discover our range of traditional knives

The Opinel tradition : the timeless folding knife, so handy for DIY, camping, picnic, is now available in many different colours and woods.

Stainless steel

The ideal pocket knife for picnic, BBQ, trekking, hunting and fishing...

Série limitée

Carbon steel

The original Opinel steel, the famous high quality cutting edge, easy to sharpen. Sensitive to rusting, the blade must me carefully maintained.

Animalia - Woodcut

Manufactured in the heart of the french Alps since 1890, Opinel knife draws in its mountain roots its ruggedness and simplicity. Through 6 Animalia, engraved in sequence of 3 positions, discover the majestic gesture of the animals you love.

Nature - Woodcut

As a companion to hikers, shepherds, gardeners ans all nature lovers, Opinel pays homage to water, the sky, animals ans plants.


Beautiful versions of the traditional knife.

Pop colours

Fresh and flashy colours.

Origins colours

Intense & masculine colours.