N°08 Champignon
22 €

You will be ready for the mushroom picking.

Couteau N°125 Vert Pomme
9,50 €

Like a spring sunshine

Couteau Opinel Table Chic Bouleau Lamellé
129,00 €
99 €

This Finnish laminated birch wood makes a real impact on the table.

Coffret du jardinier couleur
52 €

The 3 essential tools you must keep in the garden, especially when spring is coming !

Lame de rechange Scie N°18
16 €

When the sawteeth loose their cutting edge...

Opinel Scie N°18Opinel Scie N°18
42 €

A pocket saw with an efficient 18cm blade which cuts branches effortlessly.

Opinel Serpette N°10Opinel Serpette N°10
21 €

To cut shrubs or to gather the grapes

Serpette-Greffoir N°08
15,90 €

Perfect for grafting, incising and pruning

couteau jardin N°08 manche en bois Opinel fabriqué en FranceCouteau jardin opinel N°08
10,60 €

It is the ideal tool for weeding or picking lettuce and dandelions.

Boite de 2 couteaux d'office N°102 carbone
13,80 €

The multi-purpose knife, Carbon Version 

Coffret les Essentiels PrimaveraCoffret les Essentiels Primavera
31,50 €

Spring is in your kitchen!

Coffret les Essentiels LoftCoffret les Essentiels Loft
31,50 €

Inspiration Classic Design!

Coffret les Essentiels OpinelCoffret les Essentiels Opinel
31,50 €

Our receipe? Mandarin, pepper, lime tree and rose... Yummy for eyes!

Les essentiels naturelCoffret les essentiels naturel Opinel
30 €

The simplicity of beech makes this a must-have in any kitchen

Coffret de 4 couteaux N°112 couleurs acidulées
30 €

The office knife with four sweet-pop colours

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