N°12 Explore Orange

The N°12 Explore is the ideal knife for the outdoors: survival, camping and hunting.
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Technical specifications

We use Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel. It is anti-corrosive thanks to the addition of chrome and requires no special maintenance. Its carbon content of at least 0.40% gives excellent cutting edge.Blade hardness 57-58 HRC

Fibreglass-reinforced polyamide to whithstand shocks, humidity, and extreme temperatures(-40°C à +80°C). Pealess survival whistle functions in all weathers (110 decibels).

Invented by Marcel Opinel in 1955, the Virobloc safety ring is fitted to all folding knives from the N° 06. Cut out of stainless steel, the Virobloc has two sections, one fixed and one sliding. In addition to locking the blade open (safety in use), it is now possible to lock the blade closed (safety in transport).

Reviews and comments

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Opinal no. 9

Your rating: 5

Steve harwood
20 Nov 2021
Simple construction light, razor sharp blade, I wouldn't be without it best knife out there
love it

Your rating: 5

07 May 2019
love it
Awesome knife

Your rating: 4

THIVEND Baptiste
15 Oct 2021
Efficient and sharp, the wire blade helps a lot to cut things fast (not only wires or cables but also soft tissues), and the fire stick do the job. A minus inconvenient, don't push to hard the stick at its place, it's troublesome to pull it otherwise. Good investment overall
Explore N12

Your rating: 2

08 Feb 2021
The knife is positioned as a one for backpackers and climbers. I am a backpacker with 20 years of experience. My impression is that it is made for "couch survivalists". The gadgets are completely useless. 1.Whistle. Are you serious? How many people have been rescued because they had whistles? I dare to assume zero. 2.Belt/rope cutter. The problem is that in order to slide it open, you need to perform various manipulations. Just imagine - you are in your car just after an accident, the seat belt is blocked, the car is on fire, and you need to push / pull various pieces in order to slide the cutter. In a non-emergency situation, for example, on a hike, it is much easier to cut the rope with just the main blade. Not to mention that for 20 years of camping life I had to cut ropes about 2 times. On a well-prepared hike you _use_ your equipment and do not cut it. 3. Fire starter. This is pathetic. If you go on a hike, you definitely will carry more convenient means to start fire like lighters etc. No use for your fire starter. Apparently this gadget is aimed for survival when you are alone in the forest or on a desert island and there is nothing with you but a knife. This suggests you happened to survive an air plane crash or another similar situation. What are the chances to get into this? And even if you are that unlucky, what is the probability that you will have this knife on your body (with you)? Probably close to zero. 4.The protruding carabiner hole. Show me a fool who would hang this knife on the outside of the backpack so that it knocks with every step. And when you take off your backpack and sit on it to rest, it falls into the mud or beats against stones or gets clogged with snow. And in the rain it gets wet through ... I would tolerate these useless bells and whistles if they were simply excessive. But the problem they make the handle ridiculously large for such a blade. The blade is 10cm, and the handle is 16 (sixteen) cm ! Opinels with wooden handles are not suited for hiking/climbing because wooden handles are too sensitive to humidity. N12 Explore could be a nice exception. I would happily buy it simply because of the aura of tradition combined with modern materials, if it were not for these interfering bells and whistles. You could easily make the blade length 12 cm, and the handle 13-14 cm if you removed the gadgets. This would turn it to really useful backpacking tool. As for now - I ordered, tried, returned back. Resume - please make a bigger version of N8 Outdoor, with blade length 11-12cm. Make the PLAIN blade (or give a choice of plain/serrated). For me, serrators are useless 99% of time.I am sure such a knife would be a big success. From my long hiking/climbing experience, blades smaller than 11cm are not very convenient in backpacking, blades smaller than 10cm are _very_ inconvenient, blades longer than 12cm are unnecessary.

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