"What I love the most is seeing my kids having fun making dinner with the Little Chef box! It's something very genuine, filled with great simplicity."
Let's explore a new profession with Amandine, a customer service assistant.


Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Amandine. After working for 10 years in sports, I joined the Opinel company to give my career a new direction.

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What is your position at Opinel, and what does it involve?

I am a customer service assistant. I ensure there is a relationship of trust with clients in a specific sector. I manage the customer file, orders, entry, integrating things into the invoicing system and I even follow up on overdue orders. I set the product availability, I settle all price or courier disputes or product satisfaction issues. I deal with several central purchasing bodies which can have more in-depth follow-ups on commercial transactions. I manage some of the major export side as well where I have to be even more rigorous with the special documents that need providing. I also update the CRM medial library. And last but not least, I work in pairs with the representatives and directors and in close collaboration with the other assistants at the premises. It's a career with a lot of diversity.

Despite the fact that each assistant have different sectors and clients, do you manage to work as a team?

Yes, definitely, because we have to work on various different projects. Everybody's kind and helps each other, and there's a good mood generally between us all. It's actually pretty fun.

Do you work with other departments within the company?

I work a lot with the shipping department, but also with the supply chain and the marketing department. 

Which aspects of your job do you like best?

So customer relations, which is generally quite pleasant. Our goal is really to support and retain customers. We try to provide the most effective solutions possible to make the flows as smooth as possible.

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Can you sum up your job in a few words?

Sales administration is about organization and responsiveness. You have to be an expert at office tools. You also seem to need a good capacity for analysis and synthesis. The diverse nature of the roles means you end up with a broader and more interesting position.


What values would you say that the company holds dear?

Simplicity, high standards, and it's definitely a people company.

What made you want to work at Opinel?

It's an iconic brand with solid values, and it's all made in France. I am a huge fan of the knives and a loyal brand ambassador. It's one of those brands everybody loves; everybody's got an Opinel story.

How did your friends and family react when you told them you were going to work at Opinel?

They were super proud! They all have at least one Opinel knife.

Which is your favourite Opinel knife?

I really like the aesthetic and design of the Chaperon No. 8.

What meal or food do you like making with your Opinel knives?

I love slicing my home-grown tomatoes with Opinel knives! What I love the most is seeing my kids having fun making dinner with Le Petit Chef set! It's something very genuine, filled with great simplicity.

And finally, what Opinel do you like gifting to others?

The black oak, because it's classy and always looks impressive with its black blade.

The "My First Opinel" is something that is really nice for a newborn gift, with the baby's name engraved on the blade. It's guaranteed to be a sentimental gift that they'll keep their whole life.

Photo credits: Thierry Vallier, Aurélie Jeannette, Kalice Studio