Picking fruit and vegetables is always fun!

Spending time in the garden to pick fruit and vegetables you have grown is a source of pride, even more so when you have the right tools! The Opinel folding billhooks are perfect for the job.

Knives made in France for picking your fruit and vegetables.

Opinel billhooks are developed and manufactured in France. They allow you to cut plants, fruit and vegetables with precision. The curved stainless steel blade makes it easy to pick what you want. The beechwood handle ensures a good grip. Its safety ring keeps your hand safe when cutting because it secures the blade in an open position, but also in a closed position to avoid it opening in your pocket for example.

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N°08 Grafting Billhook

Perfect for grafting, incising and pruning

N°10 Billhook
N°10 Billhook

To cut shrubs or to gather the grapes