For all the big sporting, historic or special occasions, OPINEL releases commemorative, original knives that are highly sought after by enthusiasts and many collectors.

In 1986 a centenary knife celebrating the construction of Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty in New York was created for the American market. During the same period, OPINEL made a series of exclusive knives that ran from 1986 to 1992 to commemorate the Albertville Winter Olympics. In 1989, to celebrate the bicentennial of the French Revolution, OPINEL's hand-crafted hafts featured the historic liberty cap. In 1992, the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' discovery of America was commemorated by a luxury edition knife available in several languages. A very special, numbered edition was released to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Normandy Landings of 1944, as well as the centenary of the invention of cinema by the Lumière brothers. Also in the 90s, the artists Ben and Hervé di Rosa came up with their version of the Opinel No.08 knife.

Opinel Olympic Games

Olympic Games Albertville 1992

When the Winter Olympics were held in Albertville in 1992, it was only natural that the Savoyard brand would offer a knife in a white and red lacquer livery marked with the Olympic flame and the inscription "Albertville 92". The knives in this collection are all different with each one marked with the name of a resort that hosted events in these games.

Opinel crowned hand logo

Who could have predicted the success of James Jebbia's little store at the corner of Lafayette and Prince Streets in New York?

And above all, who would have believed that one day, the streetwear world would partner with the brand with the crowned hand? This collaboration, initiated by Supreme NYC, symbolizes the modernity and recognition of our knives as fashion products with timeless style and iconic design.

Opinel 125 years

In 2015, to celebrate the brand's 125 years, Opinel launched a creative competition to customize the Opinel handle.

Illustrator Mathieu Gazaix won the contest with his design made with a blue ballpoint pen, in reference to the brand's mountain origins and its simplicity. 12,500 copies of the knife were produced, and the decoration on the handle was done via the sublimation technique.

Gaxaix Opinel Illustration
Bicentennial celebration of the French Revolution

In 1989 for the celebration of the Bicentennial of the French Revolution, the handle of the hand-carved OPINEL knife was adorned with the historic Phrygian cap.

Eugène Delacroix, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Opinel x Jeremyville

The partnership with the "Art By Friends" collective has resulted in a limited edition of three knives entitled "Edition France 2017!" ».

Jeremyville, Ale Giorgini and Rylsee, three artists living in the United States, Italy and Germany respectively, have delivered their vision of France by adorning the iconic N°08 knife with their illustrations.

Saint Laurent Paris & Opinel Knife

Founded in 1961, the House of Saint Laurent is one of the most prestigious haute couture houses in the world.

The partnership between Opinel and the House of Saint Laurent has given birth to a knife worthy of the prestige and tradition defended by our two brands. Unique, refined, a black blade, black ferrule and handle covered with high quality leather, these knives are unique pieces.

Opinel has always had the outdoor world in its DNA.

So it's quite natural that a capsule collection was born, created in collaboration with PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING, a French brand of outdoor textiles made from plastic or other recycled fabrics.
This collaboration was born from our common passion for design and functional & durable objects.

Picture & Opinel

Opinel has always played a role in the history of major sporting events.

In 2016, the brand dove into the world of sailing by creating an exclusive Vendée Globe collection in honor of the legendary race and extraordinary human adventure. It's a world in which the knife fits perfectly, as it's the indispensable companion to competitors.
Six knives were offered: a red N°08, a blue N°08, an Outdoor N°08, a red My First Opinel knife, a blue My First Opinel knife and a Vendée Globe oyster knife.

Special models are created for major sporting events such as the Tour de France of the Vendée Globe, but the Opinel that was designed for the 1998 world cup didn't go on sale in the end.


Le Coq Sportif is an emblematic brand of French sport, worn by great athletes such as Yannick Noah and the Saint-Etienne soccer team.

In 2017, we were honored by their offer to collaborate - a beautiful tribute to the Opinel brand through a pair of Turbostyle shoes designed and conceived in reference to our values and history...a nod to our mountain origins, to wood and to France.
Made in France, the shoes were available in adult sizes (300 pairs) and child sizes (100 pairs) and delivered in an engraved beechwood box with a branded knife and a red cord.

Ben & Opinel knife

Ben, whose real name is Benjamin Vautier, born on July 18, 1935 in Naples, is a French artist of Swiss origin.

He acquires a certain notoriety near the public since the end of the years 1960, in particular through his "writings", declined under various forms. Belonging to the artistic avant-garde - more precisely - post-modern, Ben belongs to the group Fluxus and is close to the Lettrism. He is an artist known for his performances, installations and writings.

Topo Designs & Opinel knives
Topo Designs & Opinel knife and pouch

TOPO DESIGNS is a young American brand of bags and textiles, manufacturing its products in Colorado.

Very impressed with their creations, we wanted to develop a product in collaboration with them which combined both our areas of expertise.
The timelessness of the N°08 pocket knife is transformed by the modernity of its case and by the graphic customization of the handle with a red sublimation band, a cord and an anthracite blade.
500 numbered copies were produced and sold exclusively in the United States.

Photo credits

Alex Broadway (A.S.O.)