100% stainless steel Opinel design

Imagined and designed by the BIG-GAME studio, the stainless steel table knives are original and modern while drawing on Opinel's roots. The silhouette of these knives adopts the curves of the traditional pocketknife and will bring unique character to your table.

Stainless steel: the sturdy, corrosion-resistant steel.

Opinel uses two types of steel for its knives: mainly carbon steel and stainless steel. The latter has properties that are key for good quality knives: it is corrosion-resistant and offers an excellent cutting edge. The Perpétue table knife has a comfortable, curved handle and a micro-serrated blade that will be able to cut any kind of food. Dishwasher safe, this knife is available individually, in a box of 4 table knives, or in the Perpétue cutlery set with Opinel spoons and forks.

4 products
Perpétue cutlery set
Perpétue cutlery set

A cutlery set that is a subtle blend of modernity and design.

Can be personalised
Perpétue Table Knife

A Perpétue table knife – Opinel tradition combined with contemporary design.

Box of 4 Perpétue Table Knives

Perpétue table knives – Opinel tradition combined with contemporary design.

Can be personalised
Perpétue Dessert Knife

Cutlery for starters, cheese and dessert