Table knives for everyday use

Simplicity and elegance are the words that best represent describe the Bon Appétit Pro table knives. They are suitable for intensive use and have unmatched durability.

Resistance and ease of care.

The Bon Appétit Pro table knives, available individually or in a set, feature an 11 cm blade made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The micro-serrations ensure incomparable sharpness. They also feature a shockproof polyoxymethylene handle that guarantees excellent resistance to wear and tear and water. The polished handle makes it comfortable to hold.

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Box of 4 knives N°125 Pro
Box of 4 knives N°125 Pro

Box of 4 steak knives N°125 Pro, polymer handle, micro-serrated blade

Table knife N°125 Pro
Can be personalised
Table knife N°125 Pro

The easy-going table knife...