For easy meals on the go

A true innovation in the world of nomad cooking, Picnic+ is a smart, durable and compact set that will accompany you on your picnics by the sea or in the mountains, but also to the office for your meals on the go.

The knife, fork and spoon!

Picnic+ extends the nomad cooking collection by proposing new utensils: a fork and a spoon that can be attached to the handle of the N°08 knife (only on the traditional N°08 knives with a wooden handle and double safety ring marketed since 2000). Made from stainless steel, these inserts ensure comfort, hygiene and durability. Two sets are available: one with the traditional N°08 knife, and the other without the knife for those who already own one. Everything is stored in a microfibre cloth case that also allows you to clean your cutlery.

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Picnic + accessories
Picnic + accessories

The fork and spoon attach to the knife!

Complete Picnic + set
Can be personalised
Complete Picnic + set

Utensils for eating comfortably at the office or outside!

Smart knives for cooking and eating wherever you are.

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