Pocket pruning saws for your garden and outdoor activities.

Handy and effective, Opinel folding pruning saws are useful tools in a variety of situations. Available in two sizes, N°12 and N°18, they will quickly prove themselves essential.

Sharp, effective gardening tools.

The Opinel folding pruning saws are easy to transport thanks to their small size and compact shape that allows you to work with them anywhere. They have a carbon steel blade with an anti-corrosion coating, and a sturdy and durable beechwood handle. The N°12 small pocket pruning saw features the Virobloc safety ring and can cut branches with a diameter of up to 8 cm. The N°18 folding pruning saw can cut branches with a diameter of up to 10 cm and has a safety hook. It is possible to change the blade and to buy a single blade. The two rows of sharp teeth allow for effortless cutting by pulling towards you. Saws are very useful in the garden, for example for shortening branches that are too long branches, but also in the wilderness, where a saw can be used to cut wood for a fire or a shelter.

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Coloured Gardener Box Set

The 3 essential tools you must keep in the garden, especially when spring is coming !

N°12 Saw
Can be personalised
N°12 Saw

A small saw with a 12cm blade which cuts branches effortlessly

N°18 Saw
Can be personalised
N°18 Saw

A pocket saw with an efficient 18cm blade which cuts branches effortlessly.

Replacement blade for N°18 Saw

When the sawteeth loose their cutting edge...

Using your saw properly.

Saws are a tool that it is important to know how to handle and use, otherwise you risk getting hurt. It allows you to cut off branches that are too long or too thick. To cut a branch efficiently and quickly, first mark a notch higher than the armpit on the bottom of the branch, then a second one even higher at the top of the branch. This will cause the branch to break.