When tradition and elegance meet.

The unique design of the folding filleting knives enhanced by traditional beechwood. Simple and elegant, these beechwood filleting knives come in four different sizes, from N°08 to N°15. They will quickly become an everyday essential for your pocket or backpack, especially for filleting fish.

Beechwood, the Opinel wood.

Sourced from French farms, beechwood is the wood most frequently used by Opinel to make its pocketknives. Hardwearing and easy to work with, its light colour varies from yellow to pink. Its many small dark features give it a unique look. The handle is varnished to provide better protection against moisture and dirt. The thin and flexible stainless steel blade offers excellent quality in terms of cutting and precision. The Virobloc safety ring allows the blade to be secured in an open or closed position.

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Beech Effilé 8 - New version
Can be personalised
Beech Effilé 8 - New version

The classic Effilé 8 combines elegance and simplicity