Grafting is essential to propagate fruit trees and plants.

For this technique, speed and precision are essential: plant material must not dry out, and the depth of the cut must be perfectly controlled. Made in France, Opinel's gardening tools will be there to help you with any gardening activity.

Billhooks are essential to for grafting your plants.

Grafting, pruning, incising, Opinel billhooks are multipurpose tools. The N°08 grafting billhook has a curved and 8 cm durable stainless steel blade and the N°10 billhook has a 10 cm blade. The beechwood handles are comfortable and provide a good grip. The safety ring secures the blade in the open and closed position for safe use.

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N°08 Grafting Billhook

Perfect for grafting, incising and pruning

N°10 Billhook
Can be personalised
N°10 Billhook

To cut shrubs or to gather the grapes