Stainless steel

Vitrine 10 couteaux Inox
119 €

The perfect gift for all the Opinel lovers!

Opinel N°12 Stainless SteelOpinel N°12 Stainless Steel
19 €

The N°12 is a robust knife for the toughest challenges.

Opinel N°09 Stainless SteelOpinel N°09 Stainless Steel
12,40 €

Strong and classic

Opinel N°07 Stainless SteelOpinel N°07 Stainless Steel
10,60 €

Useful and smart, you won't be able to do without this knife.

Opinel N°06 Stainless Steel
10,40 €

Small, smart and safe

Pocket knife Opinel N°05 Stainless Steel
8,20 €

Small and efficient

Opinel tradition  N°04 Stainless Steel
8 €

Small but useful

Opinel N°03 Stainless Steel
7,80 €

The tradition in a mini version

N°08 Baroudeur Naturel Virobloc lien en cuir
13,40 €

Useful, smart, and very convenient.

N°07 Baroudeur Naturel Virobloc
12,70 €

Camping, trekking, outdoor, this knife will follow you everywhere!

N°08 Inox + étui
23,80 €

The ideal kit

Porte-Clés Opinel N°02 Inox
8,40 €

Small but efficient, with key ring.

Couteau géant N°13 Inox OpinelCouteau géant N°13 Inox Opinel
105 €

22 cm blade and nonstandard size

Coffret collection 10 couteaux Opinel Inox
125 €

The beginning of a great collection!

Opinel N°10 Tradition Inox Couteau françaisOpinel N°10 Tradition Inox Couteau français
15,70 €

Resistant, traditional and timeless

Couteau de poche Opinel N°08 Inox manche en hêtre Couteau de poche Opinel N°08 Inox manche en hêtre
10,80 €

The must-have N°08 stainless steel knife has a beech wood handle.

N°02 Stainless SteelN°02 Stainless Steel
7,60 €

Since the abolition of N°01 in the 30's, the N°02 is the smallest Opinel knife! 

Porte-Clés Opinel N°02 Inox
8,90 €

Small but efficient, with key ring

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