Carbon steel

Vitrine carbone
119 €

The perfect gift for all the Opinel lovers!

N°08 Carbone +étui
26,50 €

Multipurpose, the No. 08 is essential for the small DIY, camping, hunting...

N°12 acier Carbone manche en hêtre
19 €

The folding knife for farming and hunting

N°10 Carbone manche en hêtre lame acier
15,70 €

Perfect the way it is.

N°06 Carbone virole lame Carbone
10,40 €

The N°06 is the smallest Opinel with double Virobloc® security system.

N°05 Carbone
8,20 €

Pablo Picasso sculptured its figurines with Opinel N°05...

N°04 Carbone
8 €

Little and smart

La collection 10 couteaux carbone
125 €

The perfect gift for all the Opinel lovers!

Opinel N°09 Carbone made in france
12,40 €

The must-have

N°07 Carbone virobloc
10,60 €

Having a N°07 makes life easier. 

N°03 Carbone manche en hêtre
7,80 €

Little and smart

N°02 Carbone petite taille
7,60 €

The smaller Opinel knife with a carbon blade

N°08 Carbone Virole manche en hêtre N°08 Carbone Virole manche en hêtre
10,80 €

The flagship size of the collection!

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