The 100% stainless steel collection which is a tribute to Opinel's roots.

Perpétue is the first collection of table knives made entirely from stainless steel. It was this collection that introduced the first Opinel cutlery set composed of knives, forks, tablespoons and teaspoons.

Simplicity and elegance when you dine.

The Perpétue table knife collection offers a wide variety of cutlery: the cutlery set is composed of four knives, four forks, four tablespoons and four teaspoons, a box of four knives, a box of four forks, a box of four tablespoons, a box of four teaspoons, and also each of these separately. The stainless steel ensures the cutlery is sturdy and corrosion-resistant. The knife blade is micro-serrated and offers impeccable cutting quality.

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Perpétue Teaspoon

The Perpétue teaspoon

Perpétue Spoon

The Perpétue spoon, an accessory with a simple, timeless aesthetic.

Perpétue fork

The Opinel fork from the Perpétue collection: aesthetic design combined with long-lasting quality.

Can be personalised
Perpétue Table Knife

A Perpétue table knife – Opinel tradition combined with contemporary design.

Box of 4 Perpétue Teaspoons

The Perpétue teaspoon is an essential item to complete your perfect table arrangement.

Box of 4 Perpétue Spoons

Perpétue tablespoons, an accessory with a simple, timeless aesthetic.

Box of 4 Perpétue forks

Perpétue forks are stylish, practical and essential.

Box of 4 Perpétue Table Knives

Perpétue table knives – Opinel tradition combined with contemporary design.

Perpétue cutlery set
Perpétue cutlery set

A cutlery set that is a subtle blend of modernity and design.

Perpétue Demitasse Spoon

Perfect for enjoying coffee

Perpétue Dessert Spoon

The Perpétue collection is growing...

Perpétue Dessert Fork

For starters and desserts

Can be personalised
Perpétue Dessert Knife

Cutlery for starters, cheese and dessert

Perpétue, a member of the Opinel family.

The Perpétue table knife collection is a nod to the Opinel family. Perpétue Opinel was the grandmother of the brand's founder Joseph Opinel. Alongside her husband Victor-Amédée, she forged nails in the family workshop. This collection with its simple, timeless aesthetic and durability embodies this woman and the brand's roots.