Box of 4 Perpétue Table Knives

The cutting edge from the Perpétue collection

Perpétue table knives – Opinel tradition combined with contemporary design.


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Perpétue table knives – Opinel tradition combined with contemporary design.

This box of four table knives from the Perpétue collection is perfect as a gift to yourself or anybody who wants beautiful sophisticated designer tableware on their table.


These knives with their 100% stainless steel handle and blade are very easy to clean. Their micro-toothed blade requires no sharpening.

They are equally suitable for helping you to slice meat, vegetables or any other traditional food requiring no specific blade.


These knives are a little heavier than the knives from other Opinel collections because of their steel composition, which makes them even more comfortable and pleasant to handle.


This box comes with four knives so you can start or continue your Perpétue collection.

Technical specifications

X20Cr13 steel is a martensitic stainless steel, recommended for manufacturing blades requiring very good corrosion resistance.
Its low carbon content does not allow it to increase in hardness, but it has a very high resistance to corrosion.

For a smooth cutting without tearing. The cutting power is long-lasting.

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