Chanterelles, morels, porcini, parasol mushrooms, summer boletes...

The Opinel N°08 mushroom knife is the ultimate tool for foraging. It will accompany you on all your outings in the forest, and will fulfil several purposes. For all nature and mushroom lovers, this is your new best friend!

For nature and food lovers.

The N°08 mushroom folding knife is unique: its curved 8 cm stainless steel blade makes cutting easy, the back can be used to scrape and clean mushrooms, and its boar bristle brush allows you to dust what you forage. A multipurpose knife perfect for foodies. The N°08 mushroom folding knife is available separately or in a wooden box along with a sheath for easy carrying.

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N°08 Mushroom
Can be personalised
N°08 Mushroom

You will be ready for the mushroom picking.

Can be personalised
Pencil case N°08 Mushroom + Sheath

The perfect tool for morels, ceps, chanterelles and trumpets picking

Mushroom collecting: a technique you can learn.

The N°08 mushroom pocketknife is designed to make your life easier when foraging. Use its curved blade to cut the mushroom stem flush with the ground. By doing this, the forest will be able to produce new mushrooms in the same place. Before cooking your mushrooms, simply dust them down and remove any dirt with the boar bristle brush at the end of the handle. The scraper on the back of the blade also allows you to remove excess soil.