A farming tool that's also perfect for gardeners

A pruning knife is a multipurpose tool for gardeners with a curved blade and is very useful for grafting, pruning, harvesting and foraging. Opinel proposes the N°08 grafting billhook and N°10 billhook.

The billhook: versatility and practicality.

A billhook is used to prune for maintenance, to pick fruit, vegetables or flowers, and is useful for certain types of grafting. Its cutting edge located on the inside of the curved blade allows tissues to heal without damaging them. The Opinel billhooks feature a curved blade made from Sandvik 12C27M stainless steel that is durable and sharp, and a handle made from varnished beechwood that is resistant to dirt and moisture. They also have a Virobloc safety ring. These Opinel pocket tools are made in France.

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Coloured Gardener Box Set

The 3 essential tools you must keep in the garden, especially when spring is coming !

Can be personalised
N°08 Grafting Billhook

Perfect for grafting, incising and pruning

N°10 Billhook
Can be personalised
N°10 Billhook

To cut shrubs or to gather the grapes

Using your billhook properly.

The folding billhook is easy to use. Firstly, you need to locate exactly where to cut and pick the flowers, fruit, vegetables... Then, simply place the inner edge of the blade beside the stem or branch, and move back and forth following the curve of the blade. It is quite a fast process, but depending on thickness, sometimes you need to be more patient.