Professional quality kitchen knives.

Opinel kitchen knives provide excellent cutting quality and a safe, comfortable grip. Opinel proposes several collections, ranging from professional kitchen knives to small everyday kitchen utensils. Small and large blades for creating all your recipes. Opinel kitchen knives are used at the Alain Ducasse cooking school in Paris. They will help you as you work to become a real chef.

Three large kitchen knife collections.

In order to meet all needs and all levels of cooking, Opinel proposes various kitchen utensil collections. Whether the small paring knife, large chef's knife, boning knife, Santoku knife or bread knife, these collections are diverse and varied. For professionals, restaurant owners or simply anyone who is passionate about cooking, Les Forgés 1890's high-end, fully forged kitchen knives represent French cutlery excellence. The Intempora collection proposes more modern and easy-to-handle knives with a durable polymer handle. The Opinel Parallèle kitchen knife collection represents tradition and simplicity with its beechwood handle.

Collection Les Forgés 1890 Opinel couteau cuisine made in france

11 items

High-end kitchen knives. The Les Forgés 1890 collection embodies French cutlery excellence. Its design created by the BIG-GAME studio and the high quality of the pieces which draw on Opinel's heritage of ancestral know-how, will win over the most demanding customers. A complete collection composed of a chef's knife, bread knife, Santoku knife, carving knife, filleting knife, meat and poultry knife and paring knife.
Collection Intempora manche Polymère

14 items

Agile cutting in the kitchen with the Intempora knives. The Intempora collection of large and small kitchen knives has a high-performance design and uses high-quality materials that will make anyone more skilled in the kitchen. Ten knives to cater for all needs: the chef's knife (large and small), bread knife, Santoku knife, filleting knife, meat & poultry knife, carving knife, slicing knife, paring knife and serrated paring knife.
Collection Parallèle Manche Bois

14 items

Wood, simplicity, efficiency. Opinel drew on its roots and expertise to create the Parallèle range of kitchen knives. A simple and timeless aesthetic thanks to the beechwood handle. This collection is composed of the chef's knife, paring knife, bread knife, carving knife, Santoku knife, filleting knife, meat & poultry knife, carpaccio knife and fork.
Collection Essentiels + couteaux de cuisine opinel france

10 items

Small, versatile kitchen knives suitable for everyday use. The Essentiels + collection includes small kitchen knives that are easy to maintain and durable over time. They are hygienic, dishwasher safe and all in keeping with the Opinel design.
Les Essentiels du cuisinier

31 items

The Les Essentiels du cuisinier kitchen sets group together the small essential knives!The paring knife, serrated paring knife, vegetable knife and peeler: the four kitchen knives you need on a daily basis!
Couteaux d'office

24 items

The paring knife, an essential in the kitchen! The paring knife is the must-have multipurpose knife for every great cook. A small, easy-to-handle blade that can be used to cut a wide variety of foods. Natural or coloured wood handles, polymer handles: Opinel proposes a wide variety of paring knives.

16 items

The serrated paring knife: small, handy and efficient No food will resist the small serrated kitchen knife and its micro-serrated blade. Discover the Intempora serrated paring knife, Les Forgés 1890 and Parallèle, as well as those with natural or coloured wooden handles.

24 items

For easy peeling of all fruit and vegetables For quick and efficient peeling, Opinel peelers are just what you need. Available in several colours, wood or polymer, razor shaped, in a box set... Opinel proposes a wide range of peelers to save preparation time and make delicious recipes.
Couteaux à légumes

13 items

This knife will quickly become an essential in your kitchen. Completing the list of essential small kitchen knives, the vegetable knife has several functions allowing you to cook vegetables as well as possible. Available individually in several colours, you will also find this knife in the Les Essentiels du Cuisinier kitchen sets.

8 items

The butter knife: the essential breakfast knife The butter knife will quickly become an essential for buttering your toast at breakfast, or canapés for your apéritifs. Available in several colours, it will brighten up your table.
Set de couteaux de cuisine

13 items

Kitchen sets with all the essentials for all your recipes! Available in varied or natural colours, Opinel knife sets group together all your essential cooking tools. Small and large blades to accompany you in your everyday life, which would make great gift ideas for yourself or someone else.
Le Petit Chef

10 items

Children's kitchen knives for budding chefs! Share recipes and culinary discoveries with your children with our Le Petit Chef collection composed of efficient, comfortable utensils ergonomically designed just for them. A collection that will teach them skills and the importance of home cooking.
Santoku knives

3 items

Santoku, the multipurpose Japanese knife. The Santoku knife is a large and versatile kitchen knife, allowing you to cook everything and anything. The blade's shape and width make it easy to recognise. No food will resist it, and it will quickly become an essential in your kitchen.
Chef's Knives

5 items

If you had to choose only one knife to have in your kitchen, it would be the Chef's knife. Practical and versatile, the Chef's knife allows you to work with all kinds of food including fruit, vegetables and meats. Cooking with an Opinel Chef's knife is a true pleasure. You will discover the comfort and quality of cut that is the foundation for the brand's century-long reputation.
Bread knives

3 items

The French knife par excellence. The love affair between the French and bread is one that needs no introduction. As an ambassador of the French art of living, it is a natural step for Opinel to offer knives for all bread lovers out there. Opinel bread knives will make light work of baguettes, farmhouse bread, bread rolls and wholemeal bread.
Boning knives

3 items

The perfect knife for meat and poultry The boning knives in the Opinel range are designed for cutting meat into joints or pieces and preparing all the different cuts ready for cooking. Their grip is optimal and facilitates handling of the blade.
Filleting knife

3 items

With this kitchen knife, filleting fish will become child's play. The filleting knives from the Opinel collection are perfect for lifting fillets from sole, salmon, trout and any other type of fish that you'll then enjoy cooking.

Small kitchen knives for simple everyday use.

While large kitchen knives are essential for cooking delicious dishes, small-bladed kitchen knives are just as necessary. The paring knife, serrated knife, vegetable knife or peeler: they are essential for peeling fruit and vegetables, cutting, slicing, dressing meat... These four knives have been grouped together in sets of kitchen knives called, A Cook's Essentials. They are available with natural or coloured wood handles, as well as with polymer handles with the The Essentials + collection. Cooking is not just at home! Opinel has developed a collection which is made in France dedicated to outdoor cooking, cooking when travelling, with knives such as the corkscrew, the serrated pocketknife, pocket peeler and many others. Discover Le Petit Chef, the collection of children's knives and kitchen accessories, including the knife, peeler and finger guard.

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