The Opinel pocketknife, an essential companion.

Made in the heart of the French Alps since 1890, the Opinel pocketknife draws its robustness and simplicity from its mountain roots. Over time, the Opinel folding knife has been adopted worldwide, and is now recognized as a design icon.

A wide range of pocketknives.

Made in France, this legendary object handed down from one generation to the next remains essential and popular for DIY, camping or picnics in the country. The 1890 pocketknife is available in a variety of sizes, colours and wood types as part of the Tradition collection. Whether in carbon or stainless steel, with the traditional beech or olive wood handle, adults' or children's knives, Opinel proposes tools for a variety of uses and activities, while upholding its values of durability and sharing.

Pocket knives
Parallèle Bread Block

Beech wood block filled with 5 kitchen knives from the Parallèle collection

Intempora Knife Block

The "Intempora Block" made of beech wood contains 5 knives from the Intempora kitchen knife collection

Cutting Board La Grande
Cutting Board La Grande

Ideal for cutting meats, roasts and poultry.

Cutting Board La Classique
Cutting Board La Classique
Available soon

For slicing bread and dicing vegetables.

Cutting Board La Petite
Cutting Board La Petite

Perfect for cutting tomatoes or salami!

Kitchen knife storage block 9 knives

The Opinel block, with a unique, practical and elegant design.

Kitchen knife storage block 5 knives

The Opinel block, with a unique, practical and elegant design.

Simili leather map for 8 kitchen knives

The ideal protection for your kitchen knives

Leather mat for 8 kitchen knives

The top of the line leather mat

Made in the heart of the Alps.

The small pocketknives are made in the Opinel factory in Chambéry. Manufactured locally since 1890, initially in the Maurienne valley, then Cognin, before moving to the Reveriaz site in Chambéry. Several workshops are involved in producing this small everyday object, made from wood and steel.