Opinel folding knives have been used by hunters for years.

For hunting, it is essential to have practical, sharp tools that are easy to handle. Opinel has folding pocketknives that are perfectly suited to hunting.

A knife designed for hunting and survival.

The N°12 Explore knife is the hunter's knife par excellence. It will quickly prove it is essential with its short, sturdy blade for a precise cut, its durable material mix handle, sharp hook and 110 dB whistle. It is available with a lighter at the end of the handle, but also with a tick remover. A real hunting knife.

Carbon, the sharp steel that every hunter needs.

The small pocketknives with a carbon steel blade will prove to be very effective in the wild. With their incomparably sharp edge, they resist wear and tear and are easy to carry.

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No.08 Animalia America Buffalo

The Animalia collection is expanding

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No. 08 Animalia America Bear

In honour of American landscapes

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No.08 Animalia America Elk

Oak handle and stainless steel blade

N°12 Explore Green Tick Remover
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N°12 Explore Green Tick Remover

N°12 Explore with tick remover tool

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N°08 Animalia Hare

Hares leaping on an oak handle...

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N°08 Animalia Chamois

The local inhabitant of our mountains

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N°08 Animalia Wild Boar

One of the favorite animals of hunters

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N°10 Carbon

Perfect the way it is.

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N°12 Carbon

The folding knife for farming and hunting

At sea, in the mountains, at home: Opinel pocketknives will always be useful.

Hunters are not the only ones who will find what they want: we have small pocketknives for everyone! Discover Opinel knives for fishing, hiking, sailing, DIY, wild camping or even foraging.