Nomad Cooking

N°08 Champignon
22 €

You will be ready for the mushroom picking.

Kit Cuisine NomadeKit Cuisine Nomade
62 €

The right cooking tools for adventurous meals

Plumier N°08 Champignon + gaine
45 €

The perfect tool for morels, ceps, chanterelles and trumpets picking

Couteau à huître N°09
16,50 €

The oyster knife for shellfish lovers

couteau N°07 Châtaigne ail et dénoyautage Opinelcouteau N°07 Châtaigne ail et dénoyautage Opinel
12,70 €

A knife for nature-loving foodies!

couteau de poche N°12 Cranté Opinelcouteau de poche N°12 Cranté Opinel
20 €

Picnic fans will love it!

N°06 Eplucheur de poche Opinel
10,60 €

The pocket peeler that you can carry with you, ensuring you are ready to eat in any situation!

PICNIC+ couteau fourchette cuillèrePICNIC+ couteau fourchette cuillère
22 €

Utensils for eating comfortably at the office or outside!

PICNIC+ fourchette cuillèrePICNIC+ fourchette cuillère
12 €

The fork and spoon attach to the knife!

Kit opinel x monbentoKit opinel x monbento
85,90 €

An exclusive collaboration

N°10 Corkscrew Bottle Opener
29 €

The picnic knife à la française

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