Kitchen knives and pocketknives for children.

Who says kids can't use knives? Opinel has designed knives for children that are safe and easy to use and allow them to become more independent. Discover our range of knives for children which includes a small pocketknife with a round tip, kitchen knife and accessories.

Children's kitchen knives.

The kitchen is a space for sharing and conviviality. If you have a budding chef at home, teach them how to cook and prepare recipes together as a family with the right children's utensils. Le Petit Chef is a cooking collection composed of a knife, peeler, finger guard and apron. The children's kitchen knife and peeler feature a ring which helps teach children to position their finger correctly and cook safely. The finger guard is available in several colours. Le Petit Chef cooking set for kids includes the essentials for learning how to cook. The blades are made from stainless steel and the handles from beechwood.

Children's knives for exploring.

Is your child an adventurer at heart? Opinel proposes small pocketknives to accompany them on all their outdoor adventures. The My First Opinel knives, available in several colours, feature a stainless steel blade with a round tip, a safety ring that secures the blade in the open or closed position, and a beech or hornbeam wood handle. The N°07 Outdoor Junior knives are a must-have for your child's backpack. Their polymer handle is shockproof and water-resistant, and features a whistle at the end. The stainless steel blades offer a good cutting edge.

My first Opinel

An Opinel knife is a knife that is passed down from generation to generation, even to children. Opinel is synonymous with tradition and sharing. My First Opinel translates these values through a knife specially designed for children. The design of the traditional Opinel is unchanged, and this knife will easily be passed on to all the children in your family.

N°07 Outdoor Junior
The N°07 Outdoor Junior : the pocketknife for little adventurers. Do you like going on adventures with your child? Then buy them the N°07 Outdoor Junior pocketknife! It doesn't take up much space in your backpack and is an essential tool for hikes, wild camping, picnics, water sports and more. It will quickly become your son or daughter's best friend!
Le Petit Chef
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Kitchen utensils for children. Share recipes and culinary discoveries with your children with our Le Petit Chef collection composed of efficient, comfortable utensils ergonomically designed just for them. Adult supervision is necessary when using these products as they are sharp.

Knives for children in keeping with Montessori methods.

Opinel children's knives have various functions and are educational tools. They aim to teach children how to cook, do DIY and become more manual in an independent way. Le Petit Chef, for example, teaches them the importance of homemade food, preparing their own dishes and passing on their knowledge. This teaching method is based on the Montessori approach which helps promote development, early learning and independence. Opinel children's knives are sharp objects and obviously require adult supervision at all times.