Kitchen knives set

Coffret Opinel Trio Parallèle
62 €

The 3 mainstays of the Parallèle collection

Les essentiels olivierCoffret les Essentiels Olivier
37 €

The must-have in your kitchen.

Coffret Trio Intempora
120 €

The best of the Intempora collection

Trio - Les Forgés 1890
300 €

Full forged, these three exceptional knives are a must-have in your kitchen.

Couteaux de cuisine Opinel coffret trio les Essentiels + office cranté éplucheur Couteaux de cuisine Opinel coffret trio les Essentiels + office cranté éplucheur
20 €

3 essential knives for everyday cooking.

Coffret Essentiels Primo
31,50 €

The three basic colours of red, green and blue are coming to the kitchen!

Coffret les Essentiels Art Déco knives Box Set
31,50 €

Dare the art deco!

Coffret les Essentiels PrimaveraCoffret les Essentiels Primavera
31,50 €

Spring is in your kitchen!

Coffret les Essentiels LoftCoffret les Essentiels Loft
31,50 €

Inspiration Classic Design!

Coffret les Essentiels OpinelCoffret les Essentiels Opinel
31,50 €

Our receipe? Mandarin, pepper, lime tree and rose... Yummy for eyes!

Les essentiels naturelCoffret les essentiels naturel Opinel
30 €

The simplicity of beech makes this a must-have in any kitchen

Coffret de 4 couteaux N°112 couleurs acidulées
30 €

The office knife with four sweet-pop colours

Coffret 4 couteaux N°112 classique
30 €

4 office knives declined in lively colors : blue, yellow, red and green!

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