The Opinel pocket knife, the essential companion.

Produced in the heart of the French Alps since 1890, the Opinel pocket knives draw simplicity and durability from their mountain roots. Over time, the Opinel folding knife has been adopted in the entire world and is now recognised as a design icon. A mythical object handed down from generation to generation. It remains essential and popular for DIY, camping or picnics in the countryside. The Tradition collection offers the 1890 pocket knife in different sizes, colours and woods.

Stainless steel

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The famous Savoie stainless steel knife is your ideal companion for outside activities, whether it's a picnic, bivouacking, barbecuing or hiking. Different sizes can be adapted to different hand sizes and uses. With its stainless steel blade, this pocket knife is corrosion-resistant, does not require any particular maintenance and ensures excellent cutting quality.
couteau carbone

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Carbon steel is the steel historically used by Opinel, which has contributed to the brand's global fame. The carbon steel blade is marked out by its exceptional cutting quality and ease of sharpening. This carbon steel knife is ideal for DIY, gardening, sculpture, wickerwork etc. The blade requires specific maintenance to avoid the risk of corrosion.
Luxury range

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The timeless aesthetic of the traditional pocket knife is emphasized by the nobility of exceptional materials.This luxury knife is also available in a stylish version with a horn handle or made from woods noted for their veins, colour and density.

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Wood engraving is a traditional activity in the Alps. The collections of engraved knives follow this tradition by paying homage to nature. The 6 Animalia knives bring you the majestic gestures of animals.

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The multi-coloured version of tradition: the charming wooden handle is now adorned with colour. From deep nuances to the most intense colours, including soft and pastel shades, our coloured pocket knives are both striking and collectable. Everyone can choose their colour to reinvent tradition.
Manches à sculpter

5 items

Express your creativity by creating a handle with oversized dimensions. The Opinel you design will be unique! These items are intended as a hobby activity and may not be used for commercial purposes.
couteau bricolage


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Opinel knives have held a prominent place in toolboxes for many years Do-it-yourselfers always have a knife on hand to trim, cut or strip wires. Opinel has range of knives suited to DIY, including ones with tips adapted to screws and blades suitable for all sorts of manual tasks.

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All fishermen need a penknife After the rod, line and hook, the penknife is undoubtedly the next most important item for those who fish. Opinel provides knives adapted to the specific needs of this sport, whether for preparing the line or filleting fish.
couteau opinel pour la chasse fabriqué en france

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Opinel pocket knives have been accompanying hunters for many years For many years, hunters have chosen Opinel to take with them on their hunts, thanks to functional, easy-to-use blades that cut perfectly.
couteau de poche pour la voile

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Opinel has always been the knife of choice for sailors. Famous sailor Michel Desjoyeaux always has several Opinel pocket knives on his boat, and Opinel has adapted its classic model to provide a version that's perfect for water sports, particularly for sailing. Classic models and pocket knives with the handle and blade made specifically for sailing and for water resistance.
couteau de poche pour le bivouac

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Pocket knives for your camping adventures. Whether on foot, horseback, in a car or a sail boat, experienced rough camping enthusiasts on the move will be delighted with our knives designed specially for them. High-quality products for picnicking and cooking in any situation.
couteau de poche pour randonnée

11 items

Opinel is the ideal pocket knives for hikers. Practical, lightweight, functional and handy, it's the pocket knives that every hiker wants in their bag. Whether for picnics, fashioning a walking stick or carving your initials, your Opinel pocket knives will be a true asset on all your mountain, sea or countryside adventures.

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