The Opinel pocketknife, an essential companion.

Made in the heart of the French Alps since 1890, the Opinel pocketknife draws its robustness and simplicity from its mountain roots. Over time, the Opinel folding knife has been adopted worldwide, and is now recognized as a design icon.

A wide range of pocketknives.

Made in France, this legendary object handed down from one generation to the next remains essential and popular for DIY, camping or picnics in the country. The 1890 pocketknife is available in a variety of sizes, colours and wood types as part of the Tradition collection. Whether in carbon or stainless steel, with the traditional beech or olive wood handle, adults' or children's knives, Opinel proposes tools for a variety of uses and activities, while upholding its values of durability and sharing.

Stainless steel

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The famous Savoyard stainless steel knife. Since 1890, Opinel has been the perfect companion for outdoor activities, whether picnics, barbecues or hiking. The various sizes available ensure there is something for every size of hand and all uses. This knife is strong and durable and is passed down from one generation to the next.
couteau carbone

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The pocketknife whose design hasn't changed since 1890 The Opinel folding knife is world-renowned versatile knife made in France. Available in 10 different sizes, the Opinel small carbon penknife adapts to different hand sizes and needs.
Luxury range

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The traditional pocketknife adopts its most beautiful wood. The timeless aesthetic of the traditional pocketknife is enhanced by the nobility of exceptional materials. This luxury knife is also available in a chic version with handles made from wood distinguished by its veins, colour and density.

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Worlds engraved on the wooden handles. Wood engraving is a traditional activity in the Alps. The engraved knife collections continue this tradition by paying tribute to nature and winter sports.

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The traditional pocketknife adopts the most beautiful colours. Whether in deep shades, pastel hues or vibrant colours, the Opinel N°02, N°04, N°06, N°07 and N°08 knives are transformed. In a key ring version or featuring a lace at the end of the handle, they will accompany you everywhere.
Manches à sculpter

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Create your own Opinel with our handles for you to carve yourself. For any creative souls or Opinel enthusiasts, it's time to let your imagination run wild! Opt for one of our handles to carve yourself and create your own unique knife. These carve-yourself handles are intended to be used as part of a leisure activity and cannot be sold on.
couteau bricolage


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Opinel knives are perfect for DIY. DIYers always have a knife at hand to carve, cut, strip wires... So Opinel will always find a home in your toolbox. Discover the Opinel pocketknives suitable for DIY.

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Anyone who fishes needs a good pocketknife. After your rod, line and hooks, a penknife is undoubtedly the fourth most important item for fishermen. Opinel proposes knives adapted to this sport, whether preparing the line or filleting fish.
couteau opinel pour la chasse fabriqué en france

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Opinel folding knives have been used by hunters for years. For hunting, it is essential to have practical, sharp tools that are easy to handle. Opinel has folding pocketknives that are perfectly suited to hunting.
couteau de poche pour la voile

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Opinel: the knife every sailor needs. Sailing enthusiasts always carry an Opinel knife with them: Michel Desjoyaux and Aurélien Ducroz are perfect examples! Opinel has adapted its classic knife to offer a version suitable for water sports, particularly sailing. Classic knives and pocketknives with a handle and blade made specifically for sailing and to resist water.
couteau de poche pour le bivouac

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Pocketknives for your camping adventures. Whether on foot, on horseback, in a car or a sailing boat, experienced wild camping enthusiasts will be delighted with our knives designed specially for them. High-quality products for picnicking and cooking wherever you are.
couteau de poche pour randonnée

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Opinel is the perfect penknife for hiking. Practical, lightweight, functional and easy to handle, it's the penknife that every hiker wants in their bag. Whether for picnics, fashioning a walking stick or carving your initials, your Opinel penknife is sure to come in handy on all your mountain, sea or countryside adventures.
All "Pocket knives" products

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A unique knife since 1890 The Opinel pocketknife, created by Joseph Opinel in 1890 in the Maurienne valley, is a symbol of French know-how, lasting, traditional and passed on from one generation to the next. The design has remained unchanged for more than 130 years and is available in a number of versions to meet all types of needs.

Made in the heart of the Alps.

The small pocketknives are made in the Opinel factory in Chambéry. Manufactured locally since 1890, initially in the Maurienne valley, then Cognin, before moving to the Reveriaz site in Chambéry. Several workshops are involved in producing this small everyday object, made from wood and steel.

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