Accessories to accompany your knives in all circumstances.

Opinel accessories are essential to accompany your knives on a daily basis, to give them a second life, or simply to facilitate your own. Various accessories for cooking, hiking, barbecues...

Traditional, smart and essential accessories!

Sharpening stones, sharpening steels, sharpeners for sharpening, boards in a variety of sizes for cutting, cases for carrying your pocketknives with you everywhere, books to learn more about the brand, finger guards to accompany children, forks to hold and facilitate cutting, knife storage to protect knives, and finally textiles to accompany you in the kitchen. A wide variety of accessories to meet all your needs.

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To carry your pocketknives safely. Practical and aesthetic, Opinel cases are made from leather, nubuck and polyester: materials adapted to your clothing style and your lifestyle. They can be used to store all folding knives.
Sharpening tools - Maintenance

Sharpening tools to give your knives a second life. Sharpening tools allow you to maintain or restore the original sharpness of your Opinel knives with easy, regular sharpening. Sharpening stones, sharpening steels, a hand sharpener: so all of these tools can be moved around easily or left at home.

Knives Storage
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Comfort for your kitchen knives. To keep your knives in a dry, protected place, or simply for decorative and aesthetic purposes, knife storage is a must. Unique storage options that perfectly accompany Opinel kitchen knives.
Cutting boards
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Boards for comfortable and easy cutting in the kitchen. The chopping board is an essential utensil in any kitchen. Opinel proposes a collection of 3 chopping boards made from beechwood, an accessory you won't be able to do without.
Fingers guard
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A children's kitchen accessory for more safety! Opinel is committed to passing on its know-how, and this is what is reflected in the Le Petit Chef range for children. For added safety, the brand proposes finger guards to help children handle knives and learn how to cut safely.
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The essential accessory for barbecues with family and friends. The barbecue fork is your best ally for holding your meat while carving. Cooks and barbecue enthusiasts will appreciate how practical this utensil is for turning meat or vegetables on the grill without risking burning themselves.

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Opinel kitchen and table linens: quality made in France Made in France by Tissage Moutet, the Opinel tea towels are made from Jacquard-weave cotton. This collection of tea towels includes historic brand visuals but also more contemporary designs, always combining modernity and Opinel tradition.
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Discover Opinel through these books. A family business since 1890, Opinel has survived through the ages by remaining an essential part of French culture and Savoyard history. Through these books, discover or rediscover the brand, members of the Opinel family, milestones, products, iconic locations or even little known anecdotes.