Pruning shears are essential for pruning.

To keep your garden looking beautiful, you definitely need pruning shears. They allow you to cut branches, shoots and flowers... and bring your green spaces to life!

For perfectly pruned plants.

The Opinel pruning shears, available in two colours, slate and meadow green, are comprehensive tools for safely and efficiently cutting dead branches and pruning shrubs and fruit trees. They feature a locking system in the closed position, one polyamide handle for a comfortable grip, one beechwood handle and a hidden spring to eliminate the risk of clogging and pinching. Their durable stainless steel blade has a cutting capacity of 20 mm.

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Hand Pruner Slate
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Hand Pruner Slate

The must-have for the green-fingered

Using your pruning shears properly.

While pruning shears are a well-known tool that is easy to understand, it is essential to know how to use them. When you want to prune a shrub or any type of branch, you must be careful to hold the shears properly. The blade (thicker part) should be placed on the side of the wood that will remain on the tree, while the counter-blade (thinner part) should be on the side of the wood that will fall off. This will ensure the cut is efficient and precise, and allow you to cut safely.