With this kitchen knife, filleting fish will become child's play.

The filleting knives from the Opinel collection are perfect for lifting fillets from sole, salmon, trout and any other type of fish that you'll then enjoy cooking.

A fine and precise blade.

Opinel proposes three versions of the filleting knife, corresponding to the three main collections of kitchen knives: Parallèle, Intempora and Les Forgés 1890. The 18 cm stainless steel blade is thin and durable, and offers a precise and sharp cut. The handle is comfortable and allows you to handle the knife with agility. Sole, trout or sea bream: no fish will resist it! This fish knife is perfectly suited to professional use, but also for daily use at home. It will be the favourite knife of fishermen and fish lovers.

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N°121 Fillet Parallèle

To filleting fish and thin slicing

Parallèle Bread Block

Beech wood block filled with 5 kitchen knives from the Parallèle collection