The gardener's pocket knife.

The N°08 gardening knife is a versatile tool that will always find a home in the pocket of gardening enthusiasts. Made in France, this knife has a number of uses in the garden and an ergonomic, comfortable shape.

A multipurpose gardening knife.

Weeding, cutting, digging, harvesting, aerating the soil... the gardening knife is a must for making your outdoor space more beautiful than ever. Its stainless steel blade is durable and easy to handle, as is its beechwood handle. Its shape is perfect for picking dandelions and salads, but also for weeding and cutting roots. The knife also has a Virobloc safety ring that allows you to work safely by securing the blade in the open or closed position. Nothing will be able to withstand this clever and durable little pocketknife. To complete the features of the small gardening pocketknife, discover the colourful gardener's set: the N°08 purple gardening knife, the N°08 orange grafting billhook and the N°12 green pruning saw.

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Coloured Gardener Box Set

The 3 essential tools you must keep in the garden, especially when spring is coming !

N°08 Garden
Can be personalised
N°08 Garden

It is the ideal tool for weeding or picking lettuce and dandelions.

Using your gardening knife properly.

The N°08 gardening knife is a must-have for taking care of the soil in your garden. It is very easy to use: just push the knife into the ground to find the root of the weed and lift to remove it.