Opinel table knives embody tradition, elegance and timelessness.

Opinel has made a name for itself in the tableware industry with its uniquely aesthetic table knives. The Opinel table knife and steak knife ranges guarantee a perfect cut when dining. Different collections exist to meet all tastes and needs. Each one will find a home on your table.

The Opinel table knives: the French art of living.

Everyone knows that the French love to eat and spend time dining. It is therefore essential to have the right cutlery to enjoy good food and make tables more beautiful than ever. Opinel table knives will be found in many homes, but also on the tables of small and and not so small restaurants. To extend the Opinel tableware range, other knives have been added such as the cheese knife, breakfast knife, butter knives and bread knives. Individually or as a set, in natural or coloured wood, discover the Opinel table knives.

Bon Appétit Bois

22 items

The tradition of wooden handles on the dining table. Bon Appétit wood table knives are the traditional knives that accompany us every day during meals. Their wooden handle is a nod to Opinel's roots. These knives will always find their home on the table. They are available in several sets and different colours.
Bon Appétit + polymère fabriqué en france couteau de table

13 items

Easy-care table knives. Bring a touch of modernity to your table with the Bon Appétit + polymer knives! Polymer handles that ensure comfort when cutting food. The Bon Appétit + steak knife is dishwasher safe and does not require sharpening to preserve its cut quality. The Bon Appétit + meat knife will make your everyday life easier!
couteau de table opinel 125 pro lame crantée manche plastique fabriqué en France

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Table knives for everyday use Simplicity and elegance are the words that best represent describe the Bon Appétit Pro table knives. They are suitable for intensive use and have unmatched durability.
coffrets couteaux

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The table knives that embody elegance. The Table Chic collection proposes knives with a remarkable silhouette inspired by the original Opinel design. Available with four different wood handles (ebony, olive, ash and laminated birch), these table knives will accompany you in your everyday life, or for special occasions such as festive meals, weddings...
collection de couverts de table Perpetue design Opinel Savoie France

13 items

The 100% stainless steel collection which is a tribute to Opinel's roots. Perpétue is the first collection of table knives made entirely from stainless steel. It was this collection that introduced the first Opinel cutlery set composed of knives, forks, tablespoons and teaspoons.
coffret facette couteaux de table

6 items

The multi-faceted table knife collection Facette completes the various Opinel table knife collections by offering classic and stylish bistro-style knives. Different boxes for all tables and tastes.  
Table knives with wooden handle

33 items

Cutlery inspired by the Opinel tradition. Wood is an essential component of Opinel knives. It represents its natural and traditional side, as well as its sturdiness and durability. Discover all Opinel table knives with wooden handles.
Table knives with polymer handle

14 items

Easy to look after, with a designer, contemporary look. Table knives with polymer handles are suitable for everyday use. They bring modernity and comfort to the table. They are dishwasher safe and require very little maintenance.
coffret de couteaux de table Opinel

22 items

Opinel table knife sets : good gift ideas for yourself or someone else. Opinel's 100% made in France table knife sets will allow to cut food easily and add a unique touch to your table. For meals with family or friends, Opinel table knife sets are always appreciated.
Steak knives

48 items

To easily cut and eat your meat! These table knives are best suited to enjoying good cuts of meat and cutting them into small pieces. They ensure a perfect cut for smooth, thin slices.
Couteau Petit-Déjeuner

11 items

For the most important meal of the day! Breakfast is an important meal that sets you up for a day of work or even rest. Opinel decided to propose suitable knives to accompany you every morning.
fourchette opinel acier inoxydable couvert de table savoie france

3 items

Stainless steel forks for elegant tables. The Opinel stainless steel forks are part of the Perpétue tableware collection. This collection, which pays tribute to Perpétue Opinel, brings modernity and elegance to the table, while keeping the Opinel design.
grande cuillère acier inox opinel collection perpetue savoie France

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The Opinel stainless steel tablespoons. Opinel proposes many tableware products and the cutlery in the Perpétue collection brings a hint of modernity and timelessness. The stainless steel soupspoons are available individually or in sets of four.
petites cuillères café thé dessert Opinel Perpetue Savoie France

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Small spoon or teaspoon? It doesn't matter, as long as you can eat with it! Check out our stainless steel teaspoons that are ideal for desserts, cakes or just a cup of coffee. Their understated design will adorn your table.
coffret couvert acier inoxydable opinel perpetue

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Make meals even more enjoyable with stunning cutlery! Check out our cutlery sets, knives, forks, soupspoons and teaspoons. High-quality, elegant cutlery that everyone will enjoy using.
couverts de table Opinel design

13 items

Are you looking for great cutlery? Check out all the Opinel cutlery. Knives, forks, soupspoons, or teaspoons, made from stainless steel to guarantee easy everyday use. You can choose a set, or purchase them individually. Perfect as a gift or for a very attractive table setting, with the understated lines of the Perpétue range!

Diverse and varied collections.

Opinel proposes a number of table knife collections. The Bon Appétit wood collection represents tradition and simplicity, and is perfect for everyday use. The handles of these table knives are made from beech, olive or hornbeam wood. They are available in several colours, individually or in a set. The Bon Appétit + collection represents modernity with its durable polymer handles that are pleasant to hold. As for the Table Chic collection, it embodies elegance and finesse. These knives have a unique, slender silhouette. Handles are available in several types of wood: ash, olive, ebony or laminated birch. Opinel has also established itself in the world of tableware with the Perpétue collection and its cutlery set. Elegant stainless steel knives, forks and spoons for setting your table for special occasions or everyday use.

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