With family, friends or for the holidays, our table knives will enhance your meals.

The Opinel table knife and steak knife ranges guarantee the perfect cut when dining. The Table Chic range is ideal for a refined table when entertaining, and the Bon Appétit wood handle range as well as the Bon Appétit + polymer handle range will accompany you for everyday dining.

Bon Appétit Bois

22 items

Available in wooden handle and smooth blade versions, Bon Appétit table knives are essential for adding a bohemian decor vibe to your table. With 16 different handle colours and olive wood handles, you'll find the knife that meets your needs!
Bon Appétit + polymère fabriqué en france couteau de table

13 items

Equipped with a state-of-the-art polymer handle and a microserrated blade, the Bon Appétit + steak knife is dishwasher safe and does not require sharpening to preserve its cut quality. The Bon Appétit + meat knife will make your everyday life easier!
couteau de table opinel 125 pro lame crantée manche plastique fabriqué en France

2 items

The "Bon Appétit! Pro" table knives are adapted for intense use and have unmatched durability. Their 11cm micro-serrated blade gives a precise cut and long lifespan with little maintenance.
coffrets couteaux

4 items

Table Chic knife boxes are available in ash, olive, birch or ebony. Their remarkable line is inspired by the original Opinel design and their fine cutting quality gives an extra kick to your festive occasions and parties by bringing some extra soul to the table.
collection de couverts de table Perpetue design Opinel Savoie France

9 items

Four stainless steel cutlery items that are resistant and dishwashable
Table knives with wooden handle

26 items

Tableware inspired by the Opinel tradition The Bon Appétit collections! Table chic collections show superb finesse in the form of a design inspired by the brand's iconic pocket knife, which, at the same time, also expresses its own identity. For everyday use or just for special occasions, Opinel table knives will always have a place of honour on your table.
Table knives with polymer handle

14 items

Easy to maintain, stylish and contemporary Table knives with polymer handles are suitable for everyday use, are dishwasher-safe, and their micro-serrated blades require no sharpening. This is the perfect knife for anyone who loves beautiful objects, and it'll stay this way without you having to maintain it.
Table knife set

15 items

The table knife is an essential element for the enjoyment of your dishes! 100% Made in France table knife sets by Opinel allow you to correctly cut your food. For meals with family or friends, to give as a gift or to treat yourself to, table knife sets are always appreciated.
Steak knives

41 items

For easy cutting and eating of meat! These table knives are practical and efficient for cutting small pieces of meat, for even more appreciation. They allow a perfect, delicate and silky cut!.
Couteau Petit-Déjeuner

11 items

For the most important meal of the day! Spread butter, jam and pastry easily with the spreading knives. The brunch knife allows you to spread and cut buns. No country bread, baguette, balls, wholemeal bread will resist the Opinel bread knives.
fourchette opinel acier inoxydable couvert de table savoie france

2 items

Discover the forks from the Perpétue collection Our forks are made from stainless steel to ensure strength and ease of maintenance. You can pair them with any of our table knives.
grande cuillère acier inox opinel collection perpetue savoie France

2 items

Discover our collection of table spoons Our spoons are made of stainless steel to offer durability and ease of daily use while remaining designer objects. They're available as a set or individually..
petites cuillères café thé dessert Opinel Perpetue Savoie France

2 items

Small spoon or teaspoon? It doesn't matter how long it takes to eat! Discover our small stainless steel spoons to accompany you for desserts, cakes or even a simple coffee. Their clean lines will enhance your table!
coffret couvert acier inoxydable opinel perpetue

5 items

To make meals even more delicious, what's better than beautiful tableware! Discover our tableware sets: knives, forks, table spoons and teaspoons. Top-quality, elegant cutlery that is a pleasure for everyone to use.
couverts de table Opinel design

9 items

Need to equip yourself to eat well? Discover our tableware Knives, forks, tablespoons and teaspoons are made from stainless steel to guarantee ease of everyday use. You can select a set, or purchase them individually. Perfect for a gift or to simply set a very pretty table with the clean lines of the Perpétue collection!.

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