Knives and small garden tools designed for keen gardeners.

Weeding, pruning, picking, sawing, grafting, harvesting, cutting, digging... Opinel has created a collection of small garden tools: a gardening knife, pruning shears, pruning knives and pruning saws. An ideal collection for maintaining and caring for your garden.

A gardener's main tools.

Eliminating weeds, planting and pruning shrubs, cleaning your garden: all of these tasks require good tools. As a cutting expert, Opinel has decided to propose a special garden collection, composed of the essentials for anyone with green fingers. The N°08 garden knife, the gardener's pocketknife, is used to remove weeds and pick salads and dandelions. Pruning shears are essential for cutting branches, shoots and flowers. The pruning knives are multipurpose tools for picking, grafting and harvesting. Finally, the folding pruning saws allow you to cut the largest branches and are easy to transport. For gardening enthusiasts, the gardening set includes the essentials for maintaining your gardens: a pruning saw, billhook and garden knife.

couteau de poche de jardin opinel

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The gardener's pocket knife. The N°08 gardening knife is a versatile tool that will always find a home in the pocket of gardening enthusiasts. Made in France, this knife has a number of uses in the garden and an ergonomic, comfortable shape.

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Pocket pruning saws for your garden and outdoor activities. Handy and effective, Opinel folding pruning saws are useful tools in a variety of situations. Available in two sizes, N°12 and N°18, they will quickly prove themselves essential.
Pruning blades

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A farming tool that's also perfect for gardeners A pruning knife is a multipurpose tool for gardeners with a curved blade and is very useful for grafting, pruning, harvesting and foraging. Opinel proposes the N°08 grafting billhook and N°10 billhook.

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Picking fruit and vegetables is always fun! Spending time in the garden to pick fruit and vegetables you have grown is a source of pride, even more so when you have the right tools! The Opinel folding billhooks are perfect for the job.

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Pruning shears are essential for pruning. To keep your garden looking beautiful, you definitely need pruning shears. They allow you to cut branches, shoots and flowers... and bring your green spaces to life!

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The saw is an essential tool for gardening, but not only! Sawing branches, an object, a board: you can do anything with Opinel saws. These tools guarantee excellent handling and high performance, so you can be more efficient when cutting! They are available in two sizes: N°12 and N°18.

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Perfect for fans of home-grown produce and foraging. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have loved our Opinel pocketknives. Designed for picking mushrooms, fruit, and vegetables such as lettuce, soon you won't be able to do without your Opinels.

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You'll love maintaining and pruning your garden with the Opinel gardening tools. Pruning is essential to keeping a beautiful garden healthy. Opinel proposes small, practical and easy-to-use tools to maintain shrubs, flowers, fruit trees...
Greffer jardin Opinel

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Grafting is essential to propagate fruit trees and plants. For this technique, speed and precision are essential: plant material must not dry out, and the depth of the cut must be perfectly controlled. Made in France, Opinel's gardening tools will be there to help you with any gardening activity.
Grape harvesting

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Grape harvesting requires patience and precision. You'll find these tools useful and precise for carefully harvesting grapes. Some of them can also be used for maintaining the vine during the winter period.

Sturdy, efficient gardening tools.

The Opinel gardening collection offers durable, sturdy, effective and versatile tools. The blades of the pruning shears, pruning knives and garden knives are made from stainless steel which is known for its resistance to corrosion and exemplary sharpness. The practical shape of the blades makes cutting easy. The sharp blades of pruning saws N°12 and N°18 are made from carbon steel with an anti-corrosion coating. All of the handles are made from beechwood, Opinel's wood of choice, sourced from French farms, which will last for years and feel comfortable in your hand.

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