The paring knife, an absolute must in the kitchen!

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Our paring knife is THE must-have multi-purpose knife for every great cook.

A smooth blade which ensures a perfect cut for slicing, chopping, and peeling fruits and vegetables, cutting onions and shallots, trimming meat etc. 

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Naturel Paring Knife

couteau office OPINEL hêtre N°112 N°102

The most essential of essentials

The paring knife is a knife that always comes in handy in the kitchen. Small, handy, efficient and perfect for home cooking. Its natural beech wood handle will give your kitchen a rustic and traditional look.

10 cm stainless steel blade that ensures high quality and a precise cut. The beech handle is varnished to help fight against dirt and water in order to give your knife a long life. This product is developed and manufactured in France.

The paring knife is available in stainless steel and carbon steel, sold individually or in sets of 2.

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Set of 2 paring knives N°112 natural

The essential from the Essentials range: a set of 2 paring knives

Set of 2 paring knives N°102 Carbon

The multi-purpose knife, Carbon Version 

Paring knife N°112 Natural

The essential of the Essentials

Coloured paring knives

couteau office couleurs OPINEL

The paring knife is multi-purpose: it can slice, mince and peel with ease. Different handle colours help to add a touch of fun to your kitchen!

The handle is made from hornbeam from French farms.

It is a white wood with minimal grain, ideal for applying colours to without distorting them. The handle is varnished to provide better protection against moisture and dirt.

Do not put these products in the dishwasher, as this could affect their quality.

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Paring knife N°112 Green-Apple

The essential of the Essentials

Paring knife N°112 Tangerine

The essential of the Essentials.

Box of 4 Knives N°112 Classic Colours

4 office knives declined in lively colors : blue, yellow, red and green!

Box of 4 Knives N°112 Sweet-Pop Colours

The office knife with four sweet-pop colours

N°312 Essentiel + Paring Knife

couteau office OPINEL Essentiel + rouge

The easy-to-clean paring knife

Fitted with a red polymer handle and a smooth, pointed 10 cm blade, this paring knife from the Essentiels + collection is a must have.

Made in France, this knife has a comfortable grip and a high-quality edge.

Available in red, green and blue, the knife is also dishwasher safe.

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N°312 Paring Knife Essentiels + Blue
N°312 Paring Knife Essentiels + Blue

The versatile kitchen knife with a polymer handle

N°312 Paring Knife Essentiels + Red
N°312 Paring Knife Essentiels + Red
Available soon

The paring knife: a classic from the Essentiels range

N°312 Paring Knife Essentiels + Green
N°312 Paring Knife Essentiels + Green

The paring knife that adds a pop of colour to your kitchen!

N°126 Parallèle Paring Knife

couteau d'office Parallèle OPINEL

The multi-purpose knife with a high performance blade

Its short, sharp and easy-to-handle blade is highly valued by chefs. For peeling, slicing, cutting...

Its design, with its clean and soft lines, guarantees a comfortable grip.

Versatile and robust, it will be a useful everyday addition to your kitchen. The guard on the handle ensures safe handling.

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N°126 Paring Knife Parallèle
Can be personalised
N°126 Paring Knife Parallèle

The multi-purpose knife with a high performance blade  

N°225 Intempora Paring Knife

couteau d'office Intempora OPINEL

A paring knife is a key part of any kitchen.

Its slim, sharp blade is perfect for slicing, skinning, chopping, peeling fruit and vegetables and cutting up meat.

A versatile knife, it guarantees a precise cut thanks to its 8 cm stainless steel blade. The curved body of the handle improves its grip while reducing use fatigue.

The handle is made of polyoxymethylene polymer with glass fibre reinforcement and is wear-resistant. This knife is dishwasher safe.

The blade is made from 12C27 Sandvik modified stainless steel with a high carbon content for effective cutting and excellent corrosion resistance. The full tang blade runs along the entire handle and gives the knife both durability and balance. Intempora gives you confidence and agility in the kitchen. 

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N°225 Paring Knife Intempora
Can be personalised
N°225 Paring Knife Intempora

A paring knife is a key part of any kitchen.

Les Forgés Paring Knife

couteau d'office Les Forgés 1890 OPINEL cuisine

This paring knife from the Les Forgés 1890 collection is a real gem.   

Multi-purpose, its refined and sleek design does not detract from its practicality.

Its masterful design by the BIG-GAME studio will seduce even the most demanding of knife fans. Its short, sharp blade provides a precise cut. This knife will be super useful for peeling, dicing, turning artichokes, coring strawberries, peeling tomatoes, etc... The full-tang blade extends throughout the handle and contributes to the strength and balance of the knife, with the weight of the steel distributed. This knife can be personalised.

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Paring knife - Les Forgés 1890
Can be personalised
Paring knife - Les Forgés 1890

This paring knife from Les Forgés 1890 collection is a piece of art.