Meeting with Nadège and Laura, the co-founders of Confiture Parisienne, a brand with which we have collaborated.

 Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Nadège, and in 2015, my partner Laura and I co-founded a beautiful brand of jams which are made in the only jam factory in Paris, right next to the Bastille. We're passionate about everything that can be eaten, it is this passion and our children that brought us together when we first met while waiting to pick up our daughters - who are now teenagers - from kindergarten.

 What is your first memory of Opinel?

My very first memory of Opinel is from my fifth grade skiing class in Valloire. My parents had given me some spending money and I brought back a very small Opinel knife with a blade that fits into the wooden handle, which couldn't have been more than 5 cm long. I immediately found this object to be very beautiful, because I've always loved "miniatures."

For many people, Opinel is synonymous with tradition and expertise. What are the values that Opinel conveys for you?

For me, Opinel is first of all a French artisanal company whose values are authenticity and expertise, and it is also a company that has succeeded in staying "in the game." The brand has remained modern while also remaining faithful to its original values, thanks to its agile partnerships with brands that everyone loves today, such as Supreme and Saint Laurent.

Opinel and Confiture Parisienne are now collaborating for the second time, what does this mean to you? How did the collaboration go?

It is a great pride for Confiture Parisienne to collaborate with such a wonderful brand as Opinel. We are indeed very flattered that a prestigious brand such as Opinel has agreed to collaborate with us again, because we're a much younger company. However, we share the same values of uncompromising craftsmanship. 

Our collaboration with Opinel is the result of our meeting with Francoise (Detroyat), who immediately agreed with our company's values. The fact that we are women entrepreneurs also contributed to our professional "love at first sight."

For this last collaboration, we brought a third company into the mix, whose values are completely in line with those of our companies, namely Imagerie d'Épinal, a French living heritage company managed by Christine Lorimy, an incredible entrepreneur with tremendous energy.

We combined our common expertise to create a gift box for children that contains: two organic jams (strawberry and apricot), an Opinel knife (my first Opinel knife with a round tip), all in the colors of Imagerie d'Épinal. A really nice gift for children at the end of the year.

 If you had to choose just one, what would be your Opinel knife of choice?

The breakfast knife (the big one for spreading) because it's so practical for spreading jam on my toast in the morning, and because it's too difficult to choose only one, the small notched paring knife for slicing my favorite vegetable all summer, tomatoes.

(c) Mathilde DLG