For the 130 years of the brand, we interviewed the presenter Scotchman. 

FRANCK MORELLO (alias SCOTCHMAN), Presenter of culinary show Scotch Cuisine Extra Forte on Canal+

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am Scotchman. I am from the future, I work in the present and I live the past.

What is your first Opinel memory?

Summer camp, when I was a kid.

Many think Opinel is synonymous with expertise and something to be passed on. What values does Opinel convey to you?

Quality and simplicity. In other words…efficiency!

If you could only choose one Opinel, which would it be?

The Nº10 with its corkscrew.

Opinel in three words?

Functional, stylish, French.

Photo credit: Christian Mackie