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The pocketknife whose design hasn't changed since 1890

The Opinel folding knife is world-renowned versatile knife made in France. Available in 10 different sizes, the Opinel small carbon penknife adapts to different hand sizes and needs.

The historic Opinel steel.

Carbon has played a role in the brand's success. It is the original steel used by the company, the steel that Joseph Opinel used when he created the folding knife. The carbon steel blade is distinguished by its exceptional knife edge and how easy it is to sharpen. The carbon steel knife is perfect for DIY, gardening, sculpture, wickerwork etc. The blade requires specific care to avoid any risk of corrosion. Find our tips on the blog Opinel & me. Opinel carbon knives also feature a beechwood handle and a Virobloc safety ring to secure the blade in the open or closed position.

13 products
N°08 Carbon
Can be personalised
N°08 Carbon

The flagship size of the collection!

Showcase Carbon

The perfect gift for all the Opinel lovers!

Can be personalised
N°08 Carbon + Sheath

Multipurpose, the No. 08 is essential for the small DIY, camping, hunting...

N°02 Carbon

The smaller Opinel knife with a carbon blade

Can be personalised
N°07 Carbon

Having a N°07 makes life easier. 

Can be personalised
N°06 Carbon

The N°06 is the smallest Opinel with double Virobloc® security system.

N°03 Carbon

Little and smart

N°05 Carbon

Pablo Picasso sculptured its figurines with Opinel N°05...

The Collection 10 Carbon Knives

The perfect gift for all the Opinel lovers!

Can be personalised
N°12 Carbon

The folding knife for farming and hunting

Can be personalised
N°10 Carbon

Perfect the way it is.

A wide variety of products.

While Opinel is known for its small pocketknife, the brand also produces numerous table knife, kitchen knife, gardening knife andchildren's knife collections. Knives for all ages and all uses and activities.