The tradition of wooden handles on the dining table.

Bon Appétit wood table knives are the traditional knives that accompany us every day during meals. Their wooden handle is a nod to Opinel's roots. These knives will always find their home on the table. They are available in several sets and different colours.

Different atmospheres on the table with Bon Appétit wood knives.

Do you want a country atmosphere? Or a southern vibe? Or even a loft ambiance? Everything is possible with the Bon Appétit wood tableware set. Discover the Pop, Campagne, Céleste, Loft or Sud sets. Table knives with beech, olive or hornbeam handles. The N°125 blades are 11 cm long and are made from durable stainless steel. No food will resist these knives made in France and their high quality sharp blades.