Valentine's Day is all about love, a time for showing affection to your partner, friends and family... Are you planning to celebrate? This selection is just for you!

Thierry Vallier
Thierry Vallier

Red! The colour of love!

The red No. 08 Baroudeur is a versatile knife for both indoor and outdoor use.

It has an 8.5 cm blade made from high-quality stainless steel and a handle that's easy to hold and intensely coloured.

It also has a special extra... The knife can be personalised: add a touch of originality with a message, a name or something else that the recipient will love!

The elegant pocket knife

Another red delight is the No. 08 Red Laminated Birch. This knife's handle is made of laminated Finnish birch with a natural stain, and comes with an 8.5 cm stainless steel blade.

To make the knife even more unique, you can have it engraved.


Aurélie Jeannette
Aurélie Jeannette

For a more prestigious gift

If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves cooking, the Les Forgés 1890 Chef's Knife is sure to please.

Entirely forged and with incomparable balance, it can mince, chop and slice all kinds of food. The 20 cm blade is an excellent cutter.


We also offer the Les Forgés 1890 Chef's Knife Small with a 17 cm blade.



Thierry Vallier
Thierry Vallier

Four woods in one set!

For the table, give the Table Chic Panaché gift set.
This is an elegant gift featuring table knives with exceptional cutting quality. Four table knives with four different handles are available in this set: 

 - ebony with its unique intensity

- laminated birch with its beautiful shades

- olive tree with its southern-styled veining

- ash with its timeless simplicity

Smooth stainless steel blades with a mirror-polished finish for the ebony and olive knives and a milled and polished finish for the laminated birch and ash knives.



Table Chic Ash Set - New collection
Table Chic Ash Set - New collection

Bring the classic yet contemporary aesthetic of ash to your table

Table Knife Laminated Birch Set - New collection
Table Knife Laminated Birch Set - New collection

Bring a touch of stunning designer style to your table with Finnish laminated birch

Table Chic ebony set - New collection
Table Chic ebony set - New collection

The jet-black African ebony will give a stylish look to your table.

Table Chic Olive Wood Set - New Collection
Table Chic Olive Wood Set - New Collection

The unique olive wood grain will bring a Mediterranean flair to your table

Studio Kalice

A knife with a unique silhouette

Discover the elegance of Padouk Effilé 8.

An 8 cm mirror-polished blade and a low-maintenance, moisture-resistant padouk handle.

All the features you need for a gift that's sure to please the one you love.

Thierry Vallier

A gift for the adventurous

The No. 08 Outdoor Blue is a versatile knife with a handle that's resistant to water, impact and extreme temperatures.

It is also equipped with a whistle with a range of 300 m. The blade features a serrated section and a shackle spanner.

If your loved ones are fans of the mountains, sailing, canyoning, paragliding, mountaineering, etc. this is the perfect gift!


And to finish on a high note?

We can't end this selection without suggesting a recipe.

A cake for lovers? Beetroot red velvet! This cake will give you butterflies in the stomach.

You can find the recipe on our blog.