In this article, you will discover the story behind each knife of the new limited edition Escapade made in collaboration with "Les Aiguilles de Djé".

Limited edition ESCAPADE Opinel Les Aiguilles de dje


A great lover of nature, Jérémy’s illustrations are inspired by the little things of outdoor life, its landscapes, fauna and flora.

A legacy he shares through meticulous tattoos made to other enthusiasts who cross his path.

For this new limited edition collection, Opinel wanted to work with Jérémy on the theme of the Escapade, as a desire to go on an adventure, to rave about the beauty of nature…

Limited edition ESCAPADE Opinel Les Aiguilles de dje


Azimut revisits the graphic potential of mountain mapping.

The curves of level that adorn its handle and its black blade describe the relief of the Aiguilles d'Arves located in Savoie, in the massif of the Maurienne, cradle of the Opinel.

The model of the knife is that of the essential pocket knife N°08, with a blade and a stainless steel ferrule equipped with a black coating to give it a modern image.

We also find engraved on the blade some elements of the cartography, which allow to create a reminder of the elements of the handle. The latter is made of charming wood, a very light wood that has allowed to wrap it with the printing of the cartography on the entire surface of the handle.

Limited edition ESCAPADE Opinel Les Aiguilles de dje BIVOUAC


Bivouac mixes tattoo and outdoor codes. Its traditional patchwork composition blends the different equipment elements and the emblematic plants of the mountains in a graphic style combining fine lines and pointillism.

Each element can be related to an outdoor activity, such as hiking with the shoe, fishing with the hook, matches when you decide to make a campfire...

It leaves room for the imagination of everyone and allows to associate unforgettable memories with family or friends during excursions!

Limited edition ESCAPADE Opinel Les Aiguilles de dje ELEVATION


The model Elevation is inspired by Japanese prints that pay homage to sacred landscapes and places.

The vision of these summits in a frozen moment of fullness is graphically translated in a minimalist way, mixing fluid lines, flattened colors and subtle gradations.

If we look more closely, the play of colors allow to highlight the relief but also the trees of the forest at the foot of the mountain, which reinforces its immensity.

This painting sublimates the charm wood handle thanks to an impression on the whole surface of the handle.