Looking for a gift for Christmas, a birthday, a retirement, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or just because? Read on to see which knives Opinel recommends as great presents.

You have to start by asking the right questions. Who is the gift for? A masterchef? A sports lover? A budding gardener? A collector? A DIY enthusiast? A child? You will need to choose a knife to suit the person's interests.

Unique gift ideas

Want to give someone a gift that's just as unique as they are? You can personalise a knife by having the blade or handle engraved with a name, surname, message, etc.

You can also go for a safe bet: our traditional No. 8! This classic and versatile knife represents French savoir faire and the brand's history.

Gift ideas for cooks

For those who love cooking up a storm, we suggest the Essentials sets available in various colours. They contain a paring knife, a serrated knife, a vegetable knife and a peeler: in other words, everything you need.

Cooking also becomes a real pleasure with the three-piece sets from the Parallèle, Intempora and Les Forgés 1890 collections. Containing a chef's knife, a carving knife and a paring knife, these collections are all about quality and aesthetics. 

The kitchen isn't just for the adults! If you've a young potential masterchef at home, the Le Petit Chef set will help them learn how to chop and peel safely. 

Gift idea for gardeners

Cut, prune, pick, saw...the Gardener Box Set is made for those with green fingers! It contains Saw No. 12, Garden Knife No. 08 and a pruning knife, all in springtime shades.

Gift ideas for the table

Any respectable cheese fan should have their own cheese set. This one contains a knife and fork to make cutting and serving easier.

With their wooden handles available in several colours, the Bon Appétit Wood sets make excellent gift ideas! They brighten up and lend a bohemian decorative feel to any table. 

Gift ideas for sports lovers

With its whistle, shackle key and serrated section, the No. 08 Outdoor will quickly become a must for the sporty. 

This knife is an ideal piece of equipment for anyone going hiking, skiing or cycling

Gift idea for DIY enthusiasts

Looking for a gift for someone who's never far from their toolbox? The No. 09 DIY knife is just the thing! Available in two colours, this multifunction tool makes DIYers' cutting and electrical work easier. It comes with a wire cutter and a wire stripper, plus two screwdriver bits (flat and Phillips heads). 

Gift idea for collectors

Collectors are often on the lookout for pieces that stand out from the crowd. Opinel has a luxury range of stunning knives which are all unique. For example, the No. 08 Atelier has a handle made of ebony and walnut separated by maple layer.

Haven't found quite what you're looking for?

Feel free to look around the site. Opinel has a wide range of knives that are versatile, unique and always useful.