Parallèle? A collection with a simple, timeless aesthetic, with beech handles.

Aurélie Jeannette

The multi-purpose knife with a short, pointed, easy-to-handle blade 

N°126 Paring Knife Parallèle

What is this knife used for? 

It is used to peel, slice, cut... 

A versatile knife that you will use every day. 


A knife for cutting, slicing, chopping with a rocking motion 

Which knife is it?

The N°118 Chief Multi-Purpose Parallèle.

A knife that can be personalised, with a 20 cm blade that remains rigid and stable when cutting. 

Aurélie Jeannette

A knife for cutting and trimming? 

The N°119 Santoku knife Parallèle

It has a 17 cm blade that remains rigid and stable when cutting. 

A real essential part of this range!

For cutting roasting joints, legs of lamb and poultry... 

We present the N°120 Carving Knife Parallèle

It has a 2.5 mm thick blade which is also useful for slicing large fruit or vegetables.

Two words define this knife: simple and effective. 

The perfect partner for the carving knife

The N°124 Fork Parallèle

It makes it easier to hold a chicken or a leg of lamb when carving. 

The fork is also useful for turning any joint of meat during cooking. 



Aurélie Jeannette

For slicing all types of bread! 

The N°116 Bread knife Parallèle

A curved blade with a thickness of 1.5 mm and efficient serration that makes it easy to start slicing. 

A must-have for all your meals. 


Aurélie Jeannette

For lifting fillets of fish or cutting slices of the same size

See the N°121 Fillet Parallèle

With a very flexible, thin 18 cm blade and comfortable handle, you'll find it useful every day! 

A knife to deveining and boning meat and poultry? 

The N°122 Meat and Poultry Parallèle

A pointed blade that remains rigid, and a handle guard that allows you to work safely. 

An essential for cutting very thin slices of ham or salmon

The N°123 Carpaccio Knife Parallèle.

The long and very flexible 1.5 mm thick blade enables you to cut thin slices with an effortless back and forth movement.

The advantages

Trio Box  3 Parallèle knives

The 3 mainstays of the Parallèle collection

Leather mat for 8 kitchen knives
Leather mat for 8 kitchen knives

The top of the line leather mat

Parallèle Bread Block

Beech wood block filled with 5 kitchen knives from the Parallèle collection