We received the testimony of Bruno Compagnet, the professional skier, for the 130th anniversary of Opinel. 

BRUNO COMPAGNET, Professional skier and co-founder of Black Crows skis

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Bruno Compagnet, I am from the Pyrénées. I am a professional skier and co-founder of Black Crows skis.

What is your first Opinel memory?

Shepherds taking their Opinel knives out of their pockets and putting them on the table at lunchtime, when we used to go up the mountain to look after the animals in summer. My father himself was a shepherd. Many of those knives did not feature the Virobloc® system, and some of the handles were customized. My preference was for the oldest ones which had a good patina to the handle and blade from constant use.

Many think Opinel is synonymous with expertise and something to be passed on. What values does Opinel convey to you?

For me, it was a step towards the adult world! I really enjoyed having my own knife with a proper blade to slice my cheese and saucisson.

If you could only choose one Opinel, which would it be?

The classic Nº08 with wooden handle and Virobloc® device.

Opinel in three words?

Simple, functional, elegant.

Photo credits: La Sentinelle, Layla Jean Kerley