On the occasion of the 130 years of Opinel, Gaylord Pedretti, director of Like That & Sportair agency, agreed to answer our questions about what the brand means to him. 


GAYLORD PEDRETTI, Director of Like That & Sportair agency

Can you introduce yourself in a few words? 

Skiing is my passion, and I am lucky enough to make a living from it. Since 1999 I have organized events that are linked to skiing, snowboarding and the mountains in general.
I am 38 and I am the director of Like That & Sportair, an agency that organizes, among other things, the High Five Festival

What is your first Opinel memory?

I was born in the mountains and the taste for pastoral Alpine living was passed on to me. My father used to go mushroom picking with my big brother, who spent his time making things with wood. My first Opinel was given to me so I could go fishing with my grandfather. My grandmother was always cutting salads in the garden with an Opinel knife that she kept in her apron.

Many think Opinel is synonymous with expertise and something to be passed on. What values does Opinel convey to you?

The concept of passing on is obviously true. It only takes the recollection of my Opinel memories to understand the strong sense of family. Opinel means modernity but also patrimony. I particularly like the story that revolves around the logo and the crowned hand. It is a brand that has a soul and that has managed to keep that alive since its creation. An Opinel is more than a knife. It is a Proustian moment.

Si vous deviez n’en choisir qu’un, quel serait votre couteau Opinel de référence ?

Not easy to choose only one! However, I would say the Nº08, because it is timeless, and it reminds me of so many things. I also like the Petit Chef range, even if it is aimed at children: the knife and peeler are very handy. I am a young dad, so I believe I will be able to share this kit soon and also invest in a “my first Opinel” set.

Opinel in three words?

I would give four: “from generation to generation.”

Photo credits : High Five Festival, David Malacrida